DVD Dave just sent over this fun Autograph Deal of the Week bonus! Featuring… Wait for it… Everyone’s favorite autograph signer… Ms. Molly Ringwald! Yep, and they are flying off… Okay, they’ve been available for months, but hey… If you need/want an authentic Molly Ringwald autograph without getting the “I just smelled a bad fart face” that she gives anyone with any kind of memorabilia then here you go!

DVD Dave has all the scoop Below!



I just had to write this as soon as I found it…

As you regular readers of Mike the Fan Boy know, Molly Ringwald is a common topic here. Many say that she is not a good signed with success stories being few and far between.


If you would be happy with just getting an authentic Molly autograph, go right now to Newbury comics (Yes, Ace told you about them before, but if you have been checking like you should you wouldn’t need me to be telling you about this now would you?) Scroll down a wee bit and click on the banner for LIMITED AUTOGRAPHED CD BOOKLETS.

MOLLY ringwald except sometimes cd cover signed at newbury comics

Once there, under “Very Limited Quantity Available! Get ‘em while we got ‘em…” you will find a CD by Molly Ringwald. “Except Sometimes”. It is $18.99 plus yadda yadda. It features 10 songs, but who cares? You need Molly? Here you go! Don’t say I never hooked you up.

Warning: I am not suggesting you actually listen to this CD; just as I would never recommend reading one of her books. But if you REALLY gotta have a Molly…this is an easy no-brainer.