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A Dog’s Purpose Blu-ray Review!

Live action animal films have been a staple in my household since I was five apples high. There was Benji, Lassie and yes I can still remember my mother making me watch Old Yeller, even though I’ve tried to block that out of my mind. Still, that

Veep: The Complete Fifth Season Blu-ray Review!

The television landscape is littered with shows that burn bright and then lose steam somewhere around the fifth season. It’s a common occurrence and even in today’s golden age of television, it tends to happen more often than not. It’s a rare treat then, when a series

Rogue One: A Star Wars Story Blu-Ray Review!

There’s nothing like Star Wars to ignite a fandom. Just putting the words, Star Wars in front of any title can guarantee any film a huge box office opening (see episodes one through three). Once Disney took over the Star Wars universe and promised fans new films

Why Him? Blu-Ray and 4K UHD Review!

I freely admit, I love comedies. If I had to choose a genre of film, comedy will always rise to the top simply because a good comedy can put you in an amazing mood and make you smile. Even comedies that one wouldn’t consider “high class” are