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A Winkle In Time Blu-ray Review!

It’s really hard to translate a classic novel to the big screen, especially when that novel has been read by every grade school child for the past few decades or so. Any change, however slight is seen as a deviation from the source material and if you

Tremors: A Cold Day In Hell Blu-ray Review!

It’s so interesting to see how certain franchises take on a life of their own. You really never know what’s going to take root in the public consciousness. Take for instance the Tremors film. It started out as an ode to low budget B-movies and starred Kevin

Hostiles 4K High Definition Blu-ray Review!

During Awards Season, there are so many films to see that it’s practically impossible to experience them all like one would want to. So many get overlooked that are deserving of a chance. Often times this has nothing to do with the quality of the film, but

The Post 4K High Definition Blu-ray Review!

We are living in bizarre times; the country is divided and people are entrenching themselves into their positions more and more on both sides of the political spectrum. The words, “fake news” have been repeated so often, one would think it was a verb or a new

Vice Principals: The Complete Series DVD Review!

When it comes to limited run series, many think of award winning, star studded shows like Big Little Lies, The Night Of, or even an anthology series like American Horror Story. The truth of the matter is, limited run series are still a fairly new thing on

Star Wars: The Last Jedi Blu-ray Review!

A Long Time Ago… In A Galaxy… Far… Far Away…   Star Wars has been a cultural movement, it’s spanned generations of young and old fanboys and fangirls alike. I don’t know of any other film series that has endured and changed in this way. Ask anyone