(ended) MTF Contest Time! Spin The Wheel For Some Chick-fil-A Old School Fun and Win Some Kids Meals! MMMMM Chicken….

Is it me or does Chick-fil-A have the best chicken? It’s like they were blessed by the poultry Gods… It’s true… Damn good chicken! In fact, that should be their slogan… Damn Good Chicken!

Chick-fil-A has released this great widget featuring all these Old School fun activities. It’s hyper cool! Click on the wheel and give it a spin!


So I know you want to win… All you have to do is this… Spin the wheel on the widget and let me know which one of the Old School Fun activities you got! If you don’t like the one you got, spin it again! Why not! LOL!!!

Leave your answer here on this post in the comment section and also leave the same comment on the MTF Facebook page here…. Where? HERE!

If you want an extra chance to win follow MTF on Twitter Here! Leave me your twitter name in the comment section as well.

For a Third chance to win, (re) tweet or facebook the contest out to your friends… Leave me the text in the comment section!

Good luck guys! Winner’s Will be chosen by Random.org. Ends April 15th!

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