NYCC 2018 Activities: Outlander brings Fraser’s Ridge, American Gods has the diner and Good Omens takes you to heaven or hell!

It always feels like there’s a million things happening at New York Comic Con! Here’s a breakdown of all the fun stuff happening at booths and offsite locations!

I’ll be also regularly updating autograph information here, but remember to check out my updates on how to NYCCpanel highlights, autographs, and exclusives!


Amazon Prime Video is going big for Good Omens. Here’s the official description: “On the convention floor, a peculiar elevator will carry guests to an undisclosed location, detailing their fate in the great cosmic chess game between good and evil. Doors will open to reveal guests’ ill-fated luck, or alternately their blessed end, as they step inside either Heaven or Hell. ‘Heaven’ will welcome guests to fussy angel Aziraphale’s bookshop, where they can explore the antiquities within and even try their hand at speaking to God. Guests destined for ‘Hell,’ will be welcomed to hop inside loose-living demon Crowley’s 1926 Bentley for a devilish photo moment.”

Marvel #1354 promises a full schedule at the booth with signings, costume contests, giveaways and exclusive merchandise. (ie..the usual). More details to come.

Nickelodeon will focus on Rise of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles with a gif in the Turtle’s secret underground lair, a photo op with the Loud House, costume-character appearances and the chance to win special prizes. Look for them in the Crystal Palace area.

She-Ra and the Princesses of Power #502 – Interactive photo opportunities in Etheria, the Whispering Woods and Hordak’s Lair. Reservations are required so watch social media for more details

Starz will be promoting American Gods and Outlander with their usual mix of set re-creations and swag! You can find both these shows on outside on the inner roadway (just pass the badge check from the 37th street entrance).

  • For American Gods, Starz will bring the Motel America Diner to NYCC. Just like any good roadside diner, the Motel America Diner will offer show-themed swag. To earn swag, fans will have to make a sacrifice to the Gods and Tweet/FB/Instagram with the tags @AmericanGodsSTZ #AmericanGods to receive one of our Motel America souvenirs – an iconic Motel America t-shirt and a character button.

  • Outlander will let you visit Fraser’s Ridge (!!!) complete with working artisans and historical experts. Fans can customize a leather item (Royce luggage tag — what every time traveler needs!) as well as receive a natural healing elixir (Caswell-Massey) inspired by the show. All this swag goes home in an Outlander tote!


Don’t forget there’s tons of other stuff going on so bookmark this post and check out my other updates on how to NYCCpanel highlights, autographs, and exclusives!

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