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Pop Culture Countdown! Beyonce Only Wants Hand Carved Ice Cubes! Taylor Swift Has 18 Million Bucks In Cash Laying Around! Nicholas Hoult And Jennifer Lawrence Are Back On! Mariah Rents Disneyland! And More! Karalee Counts Em’ Down!

It’s time for Pop Culture Countdown! Yes, the weekly recap of all things cray cray in pop culture as told by our super saucalicous Ms. Karalee! This week there’s tons happening including Red Toilet Paper only for Beyonce! People like Kristen Stewart? Nicholas Hoult and Jennifer Lawrence are back on?!? And Taylor Swift has 18... read more ->

Jack The Giant Slayer Movie Premiere Report! Missing Nicholas Hoult But Finally Getting Ewan Bremner To Finish Trainspotting! With Bill Nighy! Eddie Marsan! Autographs! Photos!

Man oh man… You know… There are events that are just not worth going to. Then, like a beam of sunlight coming down from the sky, you see one name… One random name, that makes the drive from Santa Monica to Hollywood worth it. In this case, even though I have a Jack The Giant... read more ->

How Do You Spell Awesome? Warm Bodies Star Nicholas Hoult! Such An Awesome Guy! Taking Time For Each Fan! Signing Autographs! Plus Magic Johnson Drama!

Warm Bodies is in theaters and I have to tell you, I keep hearing amazing things about it. Recently Nicholas Hoult the star of warm bodies and X-Men First Class was on a talk show and a bunch of us headed out to meet him. Pinky, Scotty, Erica and Karalee as well. Man, I had... read more ->

Photo Flops Remix! Lady Samantha Shares Her Awesome Photo With Nicholas Hoult! Except He’s 6’3 And She’s 5 Feet Tall!

As much as I like Photo Flops, I like Photo Flops REMIX as well. The remix is when someone else gets a Photo Flop (i.e. my photo with Nicholas Hoult) and you get a good photo (i.e. Lady Samantha’s photo with Nicholas Hoult). It’s just fun! Lady Samantha was fortunate enough to meet Nicholas Hoult... read more ->

Photo Flops! It’s Zombie Time When I Get My Photo With Warm Bodies Star Nicholas Hoult! Doh! Zombie! Zombie! Zombie-e-e-e-e

So, I just got back from meeting X-Men First Class star and Jack The Giant Slayer star Nicholas Hoult. I’ll have a full report on that encounter later on this week. However, the lovely Erica just sent me my photo opp… And let’s just say, there be some photo floppage going on! Can I get... read more ->