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The Circle Blu-ray Review!

The thing I love about watching movies at home is that it gives new life to films that one might not see in the theaters for various reasons. I don’t know what it is about some films that makes them feel more assessable during home viewing but

Life (2017) Blu-Ray Review!

Science Fiction audiences are some of the most sophisticated and intelligent audiences out there. They ponder over every nuance, try and figure out if the science behind the film was correct, and get absorbed into the world of what it is they are watching. When there’s a

A Cure For Wellness Blu-ray Review!

When it comes to thrillers, Gore Verbinski knows his way around a good scare. He is the man behind The Ring after all and now he’s back in A Cure for Wellness. The parallels between the two films have more than just the director in common, they