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Fanboy News! George Lucas Continues To Scold Autograph Dealers! Dak Prescott Cleared In Autograph Scandal! Stephen Amell Drops Spoiler In Fan’s Signed Photo! And More!

It’s Fanboy News! This week, George Lucas continues his rant against autograph seekers, yikes! Dak Prescott cleared in signing scandal and more! Check it out below! GEORGE LUCAS SCOLDS AUTOGRAPH SEEKERS … This is Why I’m Rich and You’re Not George Lucas has some harsh advice for

Fanboy News! Fans Upset At Chris Hemsworth’s High Autograph Price! Kid’s React To Meeting Bubba Wallace Is Priceless! Danica Patrick Booed For Not Signing! And More!

It’s Fanboy News! This week there’s some great stuff including Chris Hemsworth getting grief for his high autograph price. Yep, $200 bucks! CA Autograph Law still under scrutiny, and more! Check out the full recap below! Kid’s Reaction To Getting Bubba Wallace’s Autograph Is Totally Priceless One