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Big Mike Heads Out To The FX Party For Wilfred Star Elijah Wood and Charlie Sheen… Let’s Just Say Big Mike Hasn’t Been “Winning!” Doh!

Poor Big Mike! He is having a hell of a time getting Lord of the Rings star Elijah Wood! You know, I have the same luck sometimes with people. For the longest time I couldn’t get Tom Cruise and he’s one of the nicest people around in terms of being fan friendly. Big Mike checked... read more ->

Pretty In Pinky Hits The MOTHERLOAD Of Celebrity Sightings! Jennifer Garner! Ben Affleck! Sam Trammell! Balthazar Getty! Jason Bateman! Barry Watson! And TONS MORE!

I must admit I’m a tad jealous of this. Ms. Pinky went out and about… She met one of my women, Ms. Jennifer Garner. Oh, how I love Ms. Jennifer Garner! Sigh… Alas, I didn’t get a call. Sadness abounds in the hearts of fanboys… well… Just my heart! LOL… Still, I think I’ll live.... read more ->

The Happy Feet Two World Movie Premiere! Pink… Or P!NK ! Robin Williams! Sofia Vergara! Hank Azaria! Elijah Wood!

Happy Feet! I’m so excited for Happy Feet! Kidding… Sarcasm… Although CB has his Happy Feet… Or wait… Happy Feet Two mini poster to get signed… Good Lord… Today is the world movie premiere of Happy Feet Two, but honestly I’m here for one person… PINK! I have loved Pink for years, and I have... read more ->

Machete and The Faculty Director Robert Rodriguez Makes Fans Day While Promoting Spy Kids 4! Autographs! Pictures and More!

I am a huge fan of Robert Rodriguez; I have been ever since The Faculty! Don’t judge me… I loved that movie… Anyway, the director of Machete and Desperado was doing a rare talk show appearance to promote Spy Kids All the Time in the World. CB was on the scene, I know you’re shocked... read more ->

San Diego Comic Con 2011: Day 1 Thursday! Michael C. Hall! Showtime! Elijah Wood! Napoleon Dynamite! Jason Isaacs! And More!

Oh dear… Sigh… So, the first official day of Comic Con and I need to apologize already for not being more on the ball with these updates… I can officially say, Comic Con has kicked my ass! Yep, Comic Con 2011 has kicked Mike The Fanboy’s ass… It’s all true… There is a whole issue... read more ->

Maxim Magazine Cover Girl and Fast Five Star Jordana Brewster Stops to Sign Autographs For CB!

I’m happy when others are happy. I really am! And today, CB is a happy, happy man. You see, he is obsessed with Fast and Furious… I know, he’s clearly crazy with questionable taste, but really can we judge? The answer to that is of course, yes, we can judge and I often do. Still,... read more ->