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Fanboy Fail Fridays! It’s A Bird! It’s A Plane! It’s Henry Cavill Driving Off Leaving A 100 Fans In The Dust! Doh! Man Of Steel Madness!

You know… There are events where you just look at it and say.. Nope. It’s too crazy. It’s not going to happen, or do I want to deal with it all? That was the way I felt when the new Superman Henry Cavill flew into Los Angeles for a talk show appearance. Suddenly Susan however... read more ->

Pop Culture Countdown! Ryan Gosling Tattoos! Lindsay Lohan Is Trash! No Gossip For This Girl! Talk Show Shenanigans! And More! Karalee Counts Em’ Down!

Pop Culture Countdown! In this weeks recap the luscious Karalee talks about Ryan Gosling Tats, Miley Cyrus having a strange new duet partner, Lindsay Lohan garbage tributes and more! I look at stuff sometimes and I just shake my head, I always think I’m cray cray, oh no… I can safely check the normal box... read more ->

Billys Trifecta Of Beautiful Women! Lana Dey Rey Is AMAZING To Fans! Maggie Gyllenhaal Is Really Nice! And Chelsea Handler Is Pretty Damn Cool! Autographs! Photos And More!

BILLY BEER! He’s a drinking, rootin tootin’ autograph machine! He didn’t get one, he didn’t get two, he got three people. Lord, where does the Billy Beer get his energy. I get one thing done, and I’m like, time for bed! LOL… Billy headed out to meet talk show star Chelsea Handler, then sexy songstress... read more ->

MTF Flashback! Forgetting My Name! Babbling Like A Freak! All In The Name Of Meeting Party Girl Star Parker Posey! Heh – HEH – HELLO!

Ah Hollywood… you know in this hobby there’s always the possibility… well the probability of becoming jaded. I mean, you get to meet people you’re admired for years, loved their movies, television series, etc… So, if I ever feel that way, I think it’s healthy to look back at a time when I wasn’t perhaps... read more ->