12 Anti-Bullying Movies to Watch Today!


Bullying is a problem in society today. It is not always easy for parents to identify whether it is happening to their children who are usually reluctant to mention it. Bullying gets plenty of coverage in film. The documentary Netflix produced has been seen widely while movies about bullying in high school have helped to make more people aware of the issue. Some movies are in the mainstream whereby they may be watched by the whole family. Where that happens, it may open a family debate that helps both parents and children have a clear understanding of reality.


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When it comes to talking about this theme, teenage bullying movies can initiate the debate and it is worth looking at a bullying movie list. Today’s world is dominated by modern technology with social media embraced by everyone, especially youth. A cyberbullying movie concentrates on how youngsters can be bullied within social media and even if you only look at a cyberbully trailer, you will get the idea.

Here is a database of movies with a strong message that families may think about watching.  Parents wanting to talk to their kids about this topic and using one of these films as an introduction to the topic may want to watch it to know what is coming before watching with the kids.

4 Movies for Teenagers

The Fat Boy Chronicles

This is the story of the bullying problems of a boy who resolves to change his life and improve his relationships with fellow students.

Cyber Bully

The happy ending of this movie about a girl who even attempts suicide along the way talks about the problem of cyberbullying and the ease by which stories can spread around school.


The bullying of 4 kids at school and on the bus traveling to and from there, the suicide of a bullied youngster, and the apparent lack of help from school staff makes for sometimes difficult viewing.

A Girl Like Her

A similar theme to ‘’Cyber Bully’’ sees a girl attempt suicide and the impact within the community after the attempt.

4 Movies for Younger Kids

Lots of cartoon films have a hero and a villain. It is a typical Disney plot with a happy ending. While just four examples are mentioned here, there is a whole library of movies to choose from that young kids will enjoy and be happy to talk about.

Chicken Little

The lesson of this story about a misunderstood chicken is that people should not be afraid to speak out even if at first, no one seems to be listening.

Ant Bully

A bullied youngster takes it out on an anthill. When he is changed into the same size as an ant, he begins to understand the impact that his bullying has on the ants. With renewed confidence, he begins to face his own problems.


Hercules, the son of Zeus, still has superpowers when he is adopted as a teenager then bullied when he starts school. The story leads on from there.

Jimmy Neutron: Boy Genius

This science fiction story tells of how Jimmy leads response to bullying aliens who are abducting parents and taking them to the planet of Yolkus.

4 Famous Movies to Get You Thinking

Billy Elliott

The story of a youngster who wants to be a dancer addresses the issue of everyone understanding themselves and others. Billy succeeds which impacts his intimidating siblings and ‘’macho’’ father.


This horror movie sees Carrie take revenge on fellow students who have set her up at the school dance and pour blood over her as she stands on the stage, seemingly having won a vote from fellow students. This horror film was never designed for modern-day bullying, having been made back in the 70s but it carries a message valid today.

The Devil Wears Prada

Schools are not the only place where bullying exists. This movie heads to the fashion world where adults are involved in bullying as well.

Mean Girls

The new girl in school soon comes across a mean one and without realising it, becomes a bully herself. There are some funny moments and some scary ones as well and many can relate to the scenarios that are shown during the movie.


Bullying is a sensitive and worrying subject. If it is difficult to talk to your child about it, there is plenty of advice available on the subject and movies that can be introduced as a starting point to get your kids to open up on any problems they are facing themselves.


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