Manic Mondays! It’s A 16 Candles Reunion! Pinky Recaps Meeting The Cast Molly Ringwald! Gedde Watanabe! John Cusack! Anthony Michael Hall! And More!

It’s Sixteen Candles!

Who doesn’t love the iconic 1980’s John Hughes classic? I mean it’s amazing! If you say “amazing” in a high pitched voice, it’s even better, let me tell you.

I’m here recovering with my sad injured back, and thinking… John… Hughes.. Marathon!

OMG! And the coolest thing, is that Pinky even got a photo with… Molly Ringwald. I KNOW!

Check out her recap below!
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Hello, my lovelies. Pinky Lovejoy-Coogan here still excited about meeting yet another cast member from my beloved Sixteen Candles. As we all know, there are very few things I love more than a John Hughes film and this one was definitely one of his best.

16 candles rare promo one sheet movie poster dvd cover art hot rare molly ringwald anthony michael hall michael schoefling

In fact, if I had money to burn and nowhere to be, I’d go off on a wild search for Jake Ryan himself who, sadly, left the movie business in 1991 (we miss you, Michael Schoeffling!!!).

I heart jake ryan

But, I digress. Debbie Pollack was at a recent autograph show and at first I didn’t recognize her by just her name alone. The website for the autograph show only listed names, not pictures, so I was pleasantly surprised to look her up and discover she was none other than Long Duck Dong’s “sexy American girlfriend,” Marlene. Wahoo!

Long Duck Dong what's happening hot stuff rare meme 16 candles sixteen candles rare promo press still hot

Mikey and I made our way over to the show and found it to be, well, the opposite of busy. That was good for us, though, because we were able to interact a little more with our favorite stars. Debbie was as sweet as can be and she was set up right next to Paul Dooley, who played Molly’s dad in the film,

paul dooley taking a fan photo with pinky from mike the fanboy 16 candles dad sixteen candles hot rare promo

and Liane Curtis, who played Molly’s best friend. I love Liane! She always cracks me up and it was awesome to see her again.

liane curtis selfie fan photo 2

Plus, getting a selfie with both Liane and Debbie was a dream come true! If only Long Duck Dong had been there, as well….maybe another time?

Sixteen candles reunion selfie rare liane curtis debbie pollack Courts Celebrity Show Katherine Helmond now selfie fan photo signing autographs danny pintaro 1

Debbie told me that Gedde Watanabe (Long Duck Dong) has been a good friend of hers for 20 years. Love that!

liane curtis selfie fan photo 2

Slowly, but surely, my Sixteen Candles collection is growing….now if only Jake Ryan would come out of hiding. Sigh.
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anthony michael hall posing for a fan photo with pinky from mike the fanboy hot sexy vacation 16 candles johnny be good star hot rare promo

Gedde Watanabe AKA long duk dong from 16 candles sixteen candles taking a fan photo with pinky from mike the fanboyMolly Ringwald signing autographs for fans rare promo hot signed photo rareMovies - Say Anything - John Cusack 2

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