2012 Recap! The Fanboy Family Talks The Best And Worst Of The Year! With Elizabeth Perkins! Keira Knightley! Charlie Hunnam! Chord Overstreet! Christina Ricci! Mad Men! And More!

Man, I can’t believe 2012 is almost over. And looking back there were some amazing moments from the past year. So, before we go into 2013, we’re going to look back and 2012!

So, everyone here in the Fanboy Family was sent a brief survey about 2012 and I wanted to share some fun moments, encounters and bumbles. LOL… here are all the answers I received back. It was fun to read everything for me, so I’m sure you will enjoy it!

Check it out after the jump!


What’s your favorite celebrity encounter this year?


Mike The Fanboy: I would say The Avengers premiere. I was expecting the worst yet, it was awesome. Getting almost every Avenger in one day (minus Robert Downey) was simply amazing. It was an outstanding day, one that I will remember for years to come!

scarlett johansson signing autographs for fans rare promo hot sexy avengers black widow star

Billy Beer: Jessica Alba. She’s been my #1 for a while, and the fact she gave me a great signature made it even better!

The Lovely Erica: Ummm…there were a lot of good moments this year, but my surprise meet with Downton Abbey cast members was pretty special.  They were incredibly friendly and Hugh Bonneville sent us a gift afterwards. Really!  A gift!   If I didn’t actual have the physical proof, I don’t think I would believe it…

Jack: Meeting the cast of Mad Men was a dream come true. I never thought in a million years I would be able to meet the majority of the cast. Despite Christina Hendricks and Elisabeth Moss being unable to attend, to have gotten multiple autographs from Jon Hamm, January Jones, John Slattery, Jared Harris, Matthew Weiner, and Vincent Kartheiser was unbelievable. This was one of the best cast signing events I have ever attended.

January Jones signing autographs for fans rare promo hot sexy mad men paleyfest rare promo

Suddenly Susan: Joel Edgerton!!!!

The Novel Stumpet: Gail Carriger! I love the Parasol Protectorate series so getting to see her on several panels at Comic Con and to get her to sign a copy of my book and a picture…it was all most exciting!

Ace: It would most likely be Aaron Paul… I knew I had a lot of items to get done going in… I made it my mission to get most done. On top of it, he made an effort to save a historical landmark near I live… Therefore, it literally hit close to home…  I love him in Breaking Bad, so it was amazing to finally meet him.

Scotty The Music Man: It is a toss up between our meeting Sally Field and Kristin Davis. Both knew that we were die hard fans and were happy to take the time meeting us. Thank you ladies! 

sally field signing autographs for fans rare promo hot sexy mad men paleyfest rare promo

Pinky: FINALLY getting my picture with Chord Overstreet (even if it’s terrible)

chord-overstreet signing autographs for fans  rare promo hot sexy blonde fratboy glee star

What celebrity surprised you the most (in a good way)?

Mike The Fanboy: Kate Beckinsale! She is stunning, I mean gorgeous… And she is so nice. She always takes time for fans at promotional events and doesn’t just robo sign, she interacts and has this delicious sense of humor. LOVE HER!

Kate Beckinsale signing autographs for fans hot sexy photo shoot rare promo cold comfort farm rare promo

Billy Beer: James Gandolfini. Sopranos is my all time favorite show. And the fact he’s so far his character. He couldn’t have been nicer.

The Lovely Erica: JK Rowling has amazing endurance.  When a ticketing fiasco doubled the number of people for her NY reading and signing, she agreed to sign over 2200 books in one night!  That woman is amazing!  If she can sign that many, I don’t think anyone else has an excuse!

Jack: Meeting Grammy nominated (“Somebody That I Used To Know”) artist Kimbra during her first US headlining tour.  Despite being sick and “having no voice,” she performed an amazing concert that you honestly couldn’t tell there was nothing even wrong with her. My girlfriend and I along with a dozen fans waited after her Ventura show to meet her. Although she declined photos since she was under the weather, Kimbra graciously obliged meeting fans and interacting with them. My girlfriend and I managed to obtain sign CDs with her and I even got my personalized!  The fact someone with “no voice,” “felt sick” and “had been touring all year long,” really blew me away with her friendliness, especially since she gladly signed autographs despite being noticeably sick. So when certain celebs give lame excuses why they can’t sign I will always use Kimbra as a great example of someone who treats their fans with respect.

Suddenly Susan: Joaquin Phoenix!

Ace: The most surprising would be Jeff Ross, the comedian for the Comedy Central roasts. I really thought going in that he would be a bit snarky. He was really nice and took his time. The persona seen on television, thankfully, did not translate into his real life surroundings.

The Novel Strumpet: Anne Rice. Got to see her at the Festival of Books in L.A. I’ll be honest, I was ‘iffy’ about going to her panel, but I brought a book with me and raced over there after another panel to try and get in and I was so glad I did. Hearing her talk made me want to read her again, so I got her new book and a pic with her. Really awesome!

Anne Rice signing autographs for fans rare promo the vampire lestat promo signed book rare

Scotty The Music Man: Back in January, Christina Ricci was so incredibly nice and not only signed autographs with fans after a talk show appearance, but also took photos. She was so kind to meet everyone, and did not leave until she had a moment with each person. Rock on Christina!

Christina Ricci signing autographs for fans hot sexy pan am rare promo signature penelope black snake moan

Pinky: Dennis Miller got out of his car to pose for pics at Leno – always thought he’d be grumpy

dennis miller posing for a fan photo after pulling his car over to greet fans rare promo hot snl star

What long-awaited celebrity did you finally meet this year?

Mike The Fanboy: Without a doubt Ms. Elizabeth Perkins. That being said, it’s also my most bumbling moment as well.

Elizabeth Perkins posing with Mike the fanboy and signing autographs for fans rare promo

Billy Beer: Tom Cruise, I’ve heard he was nice, but he showed up an hour early to the Rock of Ages Premiere to sign and take pictures with his fans.

tom cruise signing autographs for ans rare promo rock of ages movie premiere hot sexy risky business star

The Lovely Erica: Peter Jackson – he’s not around a lot so I’m so glad I finally met him.  It took a few tries, but I finally found him! Strangely enough – this was my Year of the Director since I met not only Peter Jackson (yeah!), but the Wachowksi’s (very personable!), Ang Lee (so sweet!), Sir Ridley Scott (fan-friendly), Tim Burton (almost as excited as me to have him sign my Sweeney Todd poster), Tom Hooper (nice guy), Kathryn Bigelow (a little shy – and likes to sign over other people!) and saw Ben Affleck (I was looking for dwarves so I apparently looked right at Ben and totally missed him.  Ah well!  I had major priorities at the time!)

Jack: After years of waiting, I finally met Melanie Lynskey when she was out promoting her film “Hello, I Must Be Going” at the Landmark Theater. Ever since “Detroit Rock City” I have always admired her body of work and hoped for an opportunity to meet her. We have even exchanged a few tweets back and forth on Twitter, but I was over the moon meeting her in person. My only regret was leaving my camera at home, but other than that she was a complete sweetheart. By the way, did I mention what a gorgeous accent she has? Swoon!

Suddenly Susan: Joel Edgerton!!

Ace: The Walking Dead Cast- AMAZING… that is all… lol

norman reedus signing autographs for ans rare promo the walking dead season 3 premiere hot sexy risky business star

The Novel Strumpet: Anne Perry. Queen of historical mysteries (in my humble opinion). I don’t know when I ‘d ever get a chance to meet her, so her being at the Festival of Books this year was just overwhelmingly exciting. I geeked out a bit when I got a pic of her, hopefully I was keeping my cool on the outside. Inside I was like “Sqeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee”

Scotty The Music Man: Even though I met him previously at a book signing, I finally got to meet Dick Van Dyke and have him sign my Mary Poppins album. After many attempts, I was thrilled to finally meet him one on one and get a photo with him.

Dick van dyke signing autographs for fans rare promo mary poppins acting legend rare

Pinky: Ellen Degeneres pulled her car over at Leno to pose with me and Linds!

What celebrity did you not really understand their allure/magnetism until you met them?

Mike The Fanboy: Without a doubt Charlie Hunnam! I love SOA but Charlie is so nice to his fans and a sweet guy. Totally a new appreciation for Charlie and Sons of Anarchy!

charlie hunnam signing autographs for fans hot sexy sons of anarchy rare promo

Billy Beer: Charlie Hunnam. I really don’t watch SOA, but it’s a culture, and he defines it!

Jack: Don Draper is one of the best characters around and Jon Hamm is one of the most charming people you could ever meet. Being in his presence you’re like “I get why people really like this guy” even if you have never seen an episode of “Mad Men.” He just possesses that undeniable cool characteristic and in person, he is just as cool, if not cooler than what you imagine Don Draper would be like in the 21st Century.

Suddenly Susan: Mike the Fanboy (Editor’s Note: You’re Making me blush! M-)

Ace: Donny Osmond! He was one of the nicest people … He is definitely what I expected and MORE… He took time to talk with us and made sure we got really great sigs on our pieces. He has this amazing magnetism. 

The Novel Strumpet: Mark Danielewski. I admire his books, but sometimes reading his interviews make him sound really….how do I say this…pretentious in an “artist” sort of way. However, when I got the chance to sit down and speak with him what I discovered was a man who is passionate about his art but in a really warm and engaging way. I was so fascinated by what he had to say I kept forgetting to ask him questions 😛

mark-z-danielewski signing autographs for fans rare promo rare novel signed autograph rare promo

Scotty The Music Man: I have to say Jean Dujardin surprised me the most. I had not see The Artist and was honestly waiting for the DVD release. Then, I had the chance to meet him a couple of times during awards season. He was so fan friendly. I ran to see the movie and understood what everyone had been talking about since the release of the film.

jean-dujardin signing autographs for fans at the sag awards promo hot sexy french star rare

Pinky: Sam Trammell (am I biased?)

What was your most bumbling moment with a celebrity?

Mike The Fanboy: When I finally met Elizabeth Perkins I totally just word vomited all over her. I think I started babbling with About Last Night… and ended up with Weeds. I literally threw my bag of stuff at poor Liz and tripped out. Thankfully, Liz was there to laugh/keep me kind of in check. Elizabeth was so nice, taking a wonderful photo with me and putting up with my crazy. I’m still blushing when I write about it. Doh!

Elizabeth Perkins posing with Mike the fanboy and signing autographs for fans rare promo

Billy Beer: Rosario Dawson. My camera was dead, so I tried to take a picture with my phone, and after 3 tries, she finally just gave me a big kiss on the cheek instead. Was not complaining!

The Lovely Erica: I finally got to meet Richard Armitage this year and he’s as nice as can be.  However, he’s a bit shy so he took a step back when I started gushing at him – note to self: keep it cool with Richard!

Jack: Meeting Mark Duplass was quite an interesting experience. I had a complete fanboy rambling moment gushing over his mumbelcore career, “The League” and his “busy” year (including “Zero Dark Thirty”) when I got him to sign some autographs. He definitely seemed flattered and appreciated my genuine admiration, especially since almost everyone that attended the Q&A was unfamiliar with his work. Sometimes those bumbling moments work out in your favor.

Suddenly Susan: Kyle Chandler

Ace: I was literally shaking when I met David Duchovny… I remember watching the X-Files when I was a kid with my dad… I think it is one of the best memories that I had with my father. Duchovny had to grab the pen and photo out of my hand in order to sign it… I was speechless…

David Duchovny signing autographs for fans rare x files star californication rare promo

The Novel Strumpet: Lauren Beukus. Again, one of the author interviews I got to do at Comic Con, and because it was my first official Mikethefanboy interview I was nervous. First I didn’t have a designated place to meet with people so I had her sit down with me on a bench in the hall at the convention center. Strumpet Fail! Next I had nothing to record with so I was scrambling to download a recording feature on my phone. Then I gave the wrong area to her rep so she went to a different area to first meet me and I had to redirect her when she called. So terrible. Thankfully she was a really gracious and laid back person, she took it all in stride. Oh, did I mention I got a detail about one of her books wrong when I was speaking to her? *palm to face*

Scotty The Music Man: My most bumbling moment was when I finally met Fiona Apple. I was so excited as I have followed her career since the beginning. Finally getting the chance to meet her after her concert, and having her sign my Rolling Stone magazine was an amazing moment.

Fiona apple signing autographs for fans signed autograph rare promo criminal singer live in concert

Pinky: Molly, well, we already know about Molly!

pinky and mike the fanboy after meeting 1980s star molly ringwald rare promo hot sexy fangirl

Now, Let’s Talk About The Negative!

What celebrity will you not try to meet again because it was so disappointing?


Mike The Fanboy: Keira Knightley. Simply appalling behavior and even though I heard she wasn’t nice I was shocked at how horrible she is. Blech.

Billy Beer: Kristen Stewart

kristen stewart garrett hedlund q and a for on the road rare promo signing autographs for fans

Jack: If you would have asked me this question three months ago I would have easily said Katy Perry because of The Grove Signing and the second time I tried to meet her.  After more consideration, it’s not Katy, but the crazy chaos caused by her fans that have ruined attempting to meet her. Still, no one is as bad as a certain actress. Despite all the stories I have heard and after my experience, Keira Knightley takes the cake. I have genuinely loved her since I first laid eyes on her in 2003 when “Pirates of the Caribbean,” “Bend It Like Beckham” and “Love Actually” all came out within months apart. Recently I attended a double feature screening of “Anna Karenina”/”Pride and Prejudice” with her and director Joe Wright doing a Q&A in between. Considering it was mostly only couples (even had a date night with the girlfriend), old ladies with their girlfriends and older industry professionals, this was a good shot as any to meet her in a “low key” event plus THERE WERE NO DEALERS/COLLECTORS INSIDE. Instead Keira Knightley did her Usain Bolt impression and dashed out faster than lighting once the Q&A ended. Even cute girls with DVDs and pieces of paper barely getting out of their seats couldn’t charm the Academy Award nominee. Considering I absolutely adore her I will NEVER EVER EVER EVER go out for Keira Knightley again.

Keira Knightley live q and a rare promo hot sexy love actually promo nasty person

Suddenly Susan: James Cameron

Ace: Marie Osmond… She made an effort to not sign for two people. She snuck out the back of the theatre, wore a disguise, and when it came to a confrontation between two people, approximately 3 feet away, she could not sign….

Scotty The Music Man: Keira Knightly – Such a bummer!

Pinky: Leslie Bibb!

leslie bibb being a nasty bitch to fans over twitter after refusing a simple autograph request

Looking ahead to 2013 and the best and worst autograph signers of 2013 coming soon!

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