2013 Recap! Our Most Bumbling And Embarrassing Encounters! The Long Awaited Celebrities We Finally Met! And More!

For our best of 2013, we talk about the one person we finally met in 2013, our most bumbling encounters and who we didn’t understand their magnetism until we met them.

I love these recaps, basically because I get to remind Billy of the time he asked Dev Patel to sign his Life of Pi mini poster, something I still laugh about because it’s hilarious but also because I get to really take a look at all the cool things we’ve all been able to do.

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What long-awaited celebrity did you finally meet this year?

MikeI’ve met a lot of cool people this year, but I think I’m going to have to pick Jenji Kohan. The creator of Weeds, was so nice. And, along with Karalee, we went through so much to meet her. LOL… We chased after her golf cart, ran after it on foot actually and then Karalee hijacked another cart for a full on chase. lol… It was epic!

Jenji Kohan weeds creator fan photo rare mike the fanboy signing autographs for fans festival of books 2013 debbie reynolds 018

AceRobin Williams… I remember watching his movies as a kid. While he was busy working, he still made the effort to sign a few autographs. He walked all the way back where, on the other hand, any other celebrity would have pretended they didn’t hear us.

robin williams signing autographs for fans on the set of the crazy ones

BillyThe cast of How I Met Your Mother. I had met most of the cast before, but I finally got a cast piece signed by them at Comic Con. That was the main thing I was going for. Honorable mention, Ben Afleck and Anne Hathaway.

Neil Patrick Harris signing autographs at the FOX Booth SDCC 2013 How I met your mother How I met your mother cast signing autographs at the FOX Booth Jason Segel Alyson Hannigan Josh Radnor Neil Patrick Harris Jason Segel signing autographs at the how I met your mother autograph signing at the FOX Booth sdcc 2013

Erica – I met Daniel Radcliffe several times before, but I finally got my picture with him this year! I also finally got Orlando Bloom on my Lord of the Rings program (yeah!!!!) so all I need is Sean Bean to complete the Fellowship and feel that it’s “done” or at least “respectable.” Benedict Cumberbatch? He’s not in the same league as those I met last year (Peter Jackson and JK Rowling), but I have wanted to meet him since Sherlock.

JackBryan Cranston and Aaron Paul. Everyone I know has met them, but the few times I went out for them they either didn’t sign or I “just missed them.” Luckily I managed to meet both during the week of Comic Con at Bryan’s star ceremony. Both were gracious, but some of the fans and dealers were ridiculous with their double, triple and quadruple dippings before I managed to get an autograph from them. Still, it’s cool I finally met them.

bryan cranston signing autographs for fans at the spirit awards 2013 rare rushmore signed autograph rare promo

JimSteve Martin, what more can I say? He is one of the greats!

Steve Martin signing autographs for fans before his folk show rare

KaraleeMake fun of me if you want, but meeting Ross Mathews was such a highlight! I’ve been a fan of his for years and he was so incredibly sweet to me and just so wonderful. Made me love him even more.

Ross Mathews signing autographs for fans photo rare promo hot ross mathews signed autograph book novel rare Karalee's sign for Ross Mathews to stop

PinkyMike Myers. After meeting Dana Carvey a few years back, it was amazing to also get the chance to meet “Wayne” himself. I also finally got my picture with John Taylor from Duran Duran which had been a quest for many, many years.

Mike Myers fan photo rare signing autographs for fans rare promo wayne's world austin powers rare

ScottyI finally got to meet Julianne Moore. Unfortunately, there was a pen incident with my poster. I was so excited to finish my “The Kids Are All Right” poster with Julianne, and someone handed over an unnecessary silver.

(Editor’s Note: Oh no, the silver pen incident of 2013! I knew it would come up somewhere! M-)

Julianne Moore signing autographs for fans at the carrie movie premiere chloe grace moretz signing autographs 043

SusanChristian Bale – it’s taken a few years, but he payoff was worth it.


What celebrity did you not really understand their allure/magnetism until you met them?


MikeYou know… I’m going to have to go with Benedict Cumberbatch. When I saw him at The Hobbit premiere, I literally gasped… It was Kahn. Right there, and in person, he’s just, a totally unique character. It was quite cool!

benedict cumberbatch signing autographs for fans rare the hobbit premiere

Ace – Mel Brooks: most incredible human being. Full of life… He has an incredible energy… always loved his movies, but the hype didn’t make sense to me until I met him. He deserves all the success he has ever received.

BillyHarrison Ford. The only other time I had met him he signed everything. But to see him get out of his car. Give us directions, and everyone obey them…..AMAZING!

Harrison ford signing autographs and greetin fans tonight show with jay leno

JackAlexander Skarsgaard is one of those people I didn’t get until I met him. An ex girlfriend of mine got me hooked onto “True Blood” and as a result I have a really big crush on Deborah Ann Woll. But I never understood why everyone loved Alex? Then I attended a screening of “The East” with Alex and it made sense. This guy is super genuine and down to earth. Not only did he take his time with fans, but took tons of photos with all of his fans despite security telling him to leave. That’s just too cool.

alexander skarsgard signing autographs for fans True Blood Season 6 Premiere! Alexander Skarsgard! Sam Trammell! Rutina Wesley! Joe Manganiello! Rutger Hauer! Deborah Ann Woll! Alan Ball! Kristin Bauer! Autographs! Photos! And More!

Jim – Bruce Campbell, I love his Evil Dead movies and thought he was funny and quirky but until I met him at Wondercon i had no idea how cool this guy really is.

KaraleeTom Cruise. Now, don’t get me wrong, I know he’s a STAR, for sure; he’s in one of my favorite movies of all time (“A Few Good Men”). But I was never the girl who had posters of him or who dreamed of being with him or just thought he was so hot, etc. But meeting him at the “Oblivion” premiere, having him in stand next to me, looking me in the eye, talking to me, it was like, “Wow! He is a TRUE movie star.” There is definitely a glint in his eye, a charm that is inescapable. And the fact he showed up so early to his premiere and did the ENTIRE line, greeting fans, giving them a moment of his time was really awesome to see. Super fan-friendly and I left with a much higher opinion of him that day.

tom cruise signing autographs for fans Oblivion Movie Premiere red carpet promo! Tom Cruise! Morgan Freeman! Joseph Kosinski! Coolness!

PinkyI always knew there was a magnetism to Cher, but in person she’s just stunning and so down-to-earth. I was really impressed by her – not only how fan friendly she was, but how much she shared with the audience (it was at a screening of Moonstruck and she was reliving some of her highlights from the shoot).

hobby - Cher signing autographs fan photo

Susan – Tom Cruise – I never disliked him, but I was totally indifferent. Now I’ll see anything he was in – so charming and nice.

tom cruise signing autograph at the edge of tomorrow autograph signing rare promo


What was your most bumbling moment with a celebrity?


MikeThis is easy, when it happened, I knew I would be writing this right now. When Pinky and I were out for Jane Russell, another Jane was also in a play at the same theater. So, when Pinky saw, Jane Kaczmarek, I thought she was Jane Russell… Oh, it was sad. In fact, I couldn’t just let it go when Jane Kaczmarek said, “oh, I’m not in that!” Nope, I had to show her the pop up counter standee like that would have jogged her memory! Doh!

Jane Kaczmarek signing autographs rare promo fan photo hot malcom in the middle star rare

Ace – Dustin Hoffman. His film the Graduate really changed my mindset on the rest of my life. We basically bumped into him… After I told him what his film meant to me, he patted my shoulder and thanked me…

Billy Beer OK, I PERSONALLY would say when I met the How I Met Your Mother Cast. But I guess when you give Dev Patel, a “Life of Pie” picture to sign, that might be a little bit worse.

How I met your mother cast signing autographs at the FOX Booth Jason Segel Alyson Hannigan Josh Radnor Neil Patrick Harris Jason Segel signing autographs at the how I met your mother autograph signing at the FOX Booth sdcc 2013

JackMeeting Allison Williams from “Girls.” I have a huge crush on her and she is practically the only reason why I even watch the show. When Mike, Scotty and I met her at a talk show taping I was too nervous to say anything besides, “Can I get a photo with you?” I was literally at a loss for words and she couldn’t have been nicer. She could tell I was fumbling, but seemed genuinely happy for the support. Total fanboy fumble, but at least I got an autograph and photo with one of my crushes.

sexy allison williams from girls signing autographs for fans hot sexy girls star rare promo girls mini poster promo

Jim – It had to be Fantastic Fest in Austin. I thought it was going to be tough so i didn’t bring a lot of stuff. It couldn’t have been easier. I really should have over prepared.

KaraleeI would say Emeli Sande. I think because I didn’t actually think she would stop (there was only two of us waiting). And then when she did stop and got out of the van, I couldn’t stop rambling about how my boyfriend and I listened to her CD on repeat from Dallas to LA when I moved, and how we were front row for a concert she had in LA, and how I just haven’t been so moved by someone’s voice in so long, etc. I was just so excited! Second might be John Stamos – because I was the only fan there and I was a little taken aback by how cute he was and how easily he just joked around and chatted with me.

emile sande signing autographs for fans rare promo photo shoot hot sexy rare photo shoot

Scotty – Although I have met her before, I lost my ability to speak properly with Stevie Nicks at her recent DVD signing.

Next We’ll have our Best Signers of 2013 and… Our worst! Doh!

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