2015 Emmy Award Predictions For The Major Categories! Who Will Win And Who Could Surprise Us?

The Emmys are here and 2015 is sure to bring some fun and excitement to the world of television. Some fan favorites are nominated and some series that will go down as classics are coming to a close.

In our TV Heartbeat column Erica had her picks, but I’m going to share my picks on who I think will win and who should win!


Will Win: Mad Men

This has been a long and crazy ride for the hit series and with its final curtain call, it deserves a last goodbye. This will give the series the title of most honored drama series ever. And let’s face it, it really does deserve the acclaim.

Spoiler: Orange is the New Black

The Netflix series has a lot of love and moving to a new category (Drama instead of Comedy) could help the series garner some support from people who think it’s been judged unfairly. Plus, this is for the second season, which was leaps and bounds better than the third.

Mad Men series finale (2)


Will Win: Jon Hamm

None of the Mad Men actors have ever won an Emmy. It’s a crime. And Jon Hamm in particular has shown more range in the final season than in the past. He’s so spot on as Don Draper that a not giving him the award would be a shame.

Spoiler: Jon Hamm

Look, Kevin Spacey, you’re awesome. Love me some Kyle Chandler… But you will have another year. It would be a crime to let Jon Hamm go home empty handed tonight, I can’t imagine anyone taking that away from him.

Mad Men Jon Hamm


Will Win: Viola Davis

The Oscar nominated actress has made the leap to the small screen and How to Get Away With Murder has been a runaway hit. She’s compelling, and has crafted a detailed and complex character. She’s won the SAG Award for her role and will be the first African American actress to win in this category, which is shocking to say the least.

Spoiler: Elisabeth Moss and Robin Wright

If Man Men rides the finale wave, Elizabeth Moss could sneak in. Robin Wright submitted the very actor friendly finale (unlike last year) and House of Cards has the most actor nominations of any series.



Will Win: Jonathan Banks

Better Call Saul has been more under the radar than Breaking Bad but it’s so interesting none-the-less and you could have easily made the case that Michael McKeon deserved a nomination in this category as well. Jonathan has done a fantastic job of playing a character that we already know where he’s going to end up, and yet keeping the audience engaged and fascinated.

Spoiler: Ben Mendelsohn

Bloodline is one of those series that took a lot of people by surprise. It’s under the radar but it’s an action tour-de-force and Ben Mendelsohn is superb. I wouldn’t be shocked if he took away the trophy.

Better Call Saul Banks


Will Win: Lena Headey

Game of Thrones evil protagonist deserves her day. The walk of shame was heartbreaking and that episode is also nominated for writing. I’m personally partial for Christina Hendricks but I think Lena is one of the best things about Game of Thrones and this season she really shined.

Spoiler: Christina Hendricks

Six times… Six times she’s been nominated for her work as Joan. AND… Her episode, the one she’s nominated for… Is some of her best work in six years. It’s her last shot and Joan is (a lot) of people’s favorite character. She’s more than deserving, it’s really a shame that she’s never won.



Will Win: Veep

The HBO series has never been darker or more biting than this season. Julia Louis Dreyfuss is spot on, and the series ensemble really shined when President Meyers stepped out on the campaign circuit. Plus, voters love this series and it’s star.

Spoiler: Transparent

The series with Jeffrey Tambor is current, fresh and in the spotlight. Tambour’s work is superb and this would put Amazon squarely in the mix as a force for original programming and content creation. It also scored 11 nominations, the most of any comedy series.



Will Win: Jeffrey Tambor

Everyone is saying that he’s a lock in this category and playing a transgender woman in her late 1960’s is timely and of the moment. This is the best work that Tambour has done over his long career.

Spoiler: Will Forte

Coming out of left field with Last Man On Earth, Will Forte has a shot as the dark horse in this race. Plus, he’s coming off a winning turn in Nebraska and Emmy voters love to reward film actors who come to television.



Will Win: Julia Louis-Dreyfus

Look, she’s the reining queen and damn… She’s so good. This year she took Veep to new heights and nailed every scene she was in. Voter fatigue could set in, but… I don’t think it will in this category.

Spoiler: Lisa Kudrow

The Comeback staged it’s own comeback and wow… What a ride? Not missing a beat in the time the show went off the air, Lisa Kudrow excelled in the role. Valerie Cherish is a hard woman to love and Lisa Kudrow makes it possible.

Julia Louis-Dreyfus signing autographs SAG Awards 2015 red carpet julia louis dreyfus ethan hawke signing autographs 26


Will Win: Tituss Burgess

If there’s ever a time where a scene stealer has his day, it’s right here. In The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt, Tituss is heartbreaking and hysterical. It would also be a great time to reward the underdog series and Netflix for taking a chance on a show that NBC tossed away.

Spoiler: Tony Hale

He won in 2013, and watching him get mad as hell this season was a delight.

hot pocket titus kimmy schmidt git


Will Win: Allison Janney

While Mom hasn’t received a lot of Emmy love, Allison Janney has. This series has a real heart and Allison Janney excels. It’s a huge category, but I think Janney will get a repeat victory here.

Spoiler: Anna Chlumsky and Jane Krakowski

Anna Chlumsky had her best year yet with Veep and her brilliant monologue tearing Selina a new one, quitting and then returning to her at the end was a highlight of the season. Plus, Jane Krakowski, who never won for 30 Rock is a delight on Kimmy Schmidt, her over the top matriarch is astoundingly good.

MOM FYC q and a panel anna faris Allison Janney 24

Well kids, let’s cross our fingers tonight and hope for the best. Who are your picks?

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