3 Billboards FYC Q and A! Meeting Sam Rockwell! Abbie Cornish! Samara Weaving! Autographs! And More!

Awards season might be over and one movie that did pretty well at the Oscars was 3 Billboards.

The film won for best actress as well as best supporting actor for Sam Rockwell. Recently, I was invited to attend a screening of the film with Sam Rockwell as well as some of the cast including Samara Weaving and Abbie Cornish as well as director Martin McDonagh.

The q and a was great with Sam Rockwell being his charming self. He certainly has a way with an audience.

Abbie Cornish was also very engaged and the cast was clearly excited to be a part of the project.

After the screening the cast all stuck around. Caleb Landry Jones was very cool and signed a Get Out poster for me. He said he didn’t want to do a photo because he had too much to drink before hand, which was kind of funny in retrospect.

Sam Rockwell signed for us, if you call putting a squiggle on my The Way Way Back poster an autograph. Sam would not do pictures either.

sam rockwell signed autograph the way way back poster

Samara Weaving was very nice and posed for a quick picture.

Samara Weaving with fans signing autographs

Abbie Cornish was also very nice and did photos with anyone who asked.

Abbie Cornish with fans signing autographs

It was a fun night.

Until next time kids…

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