3 New Character posters for Warner Bros Green Lantern Are Out! Sinestro! Kilowog! Tomar-Re!

green lantern ryan reynolds promo one sheet movie poster rare hot sexy abs banner promo rare Well, the Green Lantern marketing machine has officially been turned on! This time… The fine folks at Warner Bros have given us a few character posters for the Green Lantern flick including Mark Strong as Sinestro, Geoffrey Rush as Tomar-Re, and Michael Clark Duncan as Kilowog. The CG looks pretty cool, I have to say…

I was really looking at Green Lantern as probably going to majorly suck, but now… I’m actually thinking it might be good! I know! Shocking right! I’m still learly of Blake Lively, cause the shots of her I’ve seen… not so great…

But these posters kick major ass… so I give them the Mike The Fanboy seal of approval! Check out the other two below!
tomar-re tomar re green lantern one sheet movie poster individual rare promo hot cg lanterns geofrey rushmichael clark duncan kilowog green lantern individual promo one sheet movie poster promo hot rare the green milesinestro mark strong green lantern individual promo mini poster sherlock holmes rare one sheet poster hot rare

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