5 Movies to Watch to Educate Students About Racism!


The world we live in is rife with discrimination based on several factors such as gender, race, and social class. As much as we would like it to be, history hasn’t and still is not too kind to everybody in the world. Even today, several people exist who deem a person or a community inferior based solely on their physical appearance. Racism is the act of discrimination of a person or a community of a specific ethnic or racial group. Over the years, there have been several movements to bridge the gap and bring a sense of equality amongst people from all walks of life. While statistics show that things are getting better, recent movements such as the Black Lives Matter brought forward several stories of oppression and injustice.

It is of utmost importance to start educating young students about racism to make them aware of the injustice prevalent in society, even today. As such, most schools assign essays on discrimination to get scholars to research and gain knowledge on the adversity and write about it in their papers. Students may wish to refer to free examples of essays on discrimination before writing their articles to increase their knowledge base. It is best to read samples first to be aware of several perspectives and write one of the best essays for education purposes.


Educating through movies about discrimination


One engaging and effective method to teach young people about racism can be through movies about white supremacy. Showing some white supremacy movies on Netflix in class or asking students to watch movies that deal with racism at home can be one of the best ways of showing them what’s wrong with society and how to deal with them.


The best movies about racism


Ever since the death of George Floyd sparked the Black Lives Matter movement, people have been asking themselves how they can begin to educate themselves on the subject matter and learn about systemic racism. Watching some of these best movies about race can be a learning experience for people from all walks of life. Here are some of the best movies that deal with racism that is packed with lessons about the prevalent discrimination.


1. Handsworth Songs (1986):


The Handsworth Sons is a documentary that depicts police brutality and civil unrest. The movie has been directed by John Akomfrah and is an important movie that brings together eyewitness footage, news reports, abstract imagery, and interviews from the 1985 riots in London and Handsworth, a protest that erupted against the repressive policing tactics of African American people.


2. The Hate U Give (2018):


The Hate U Give is based on a novel of the same name and is the story of a high school student, Starr, who witnesses the murder of her friend at the hands of the police. Directed by George Tillman Jr, the story is a reminder for all people to never shy down from speaking up against oppression even in the face of danger.


3. The Battle of Algiers (1996)


This historical drama directed by Gillo Pontecorvo and starring Saadi Yacef and Jean Martin is a revolutionary cinema set during the Algerian war. The movie shows the ugly incidents that took place between the National Liberation Front and the French Army. The illegal methods, such as torture, used by the guerrilla movement to contain the war, are shown horribly throughout the movie.


4. The Murder of Fred Hampton (1971)


The Murder of Fred Hampton is a documentary that shows the life of an inspirational 21-year old leader of African-American descent who was murdered by the Chicago Police department and the FBI at such a young age. Hampton was an inspirational speaker who often spoke about oppression and radicalization from the white supremacy and was cut off horrendously, a testament to how the movement for equality by African American people is privy to challenges.


5. Just Mercy (2019)


Just Mercy is a biographical legal drama movie about a civil rights defense attorney Bryan Stevenson and his struggle to free a man condemned wrongly for the murder of a white woman. Starring Jamie Foxx and Michael B. Jordan, this is one of the best movies to help educate people on systemic racism and its effects on people of color.


Race has always been a complicated issue in most countries, and almost every nation has a shameful past of oppression and injustice. However, all of that can be changed if we, collectively, raise our voices against all the wrongdoings and treat everyone equally.



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