(Ended) A Cinderella Story: Once Upon A Song DVD Contest Giveaway! Lucy Hale! Harry Potter’s Freddie Stroma!

“Hold on cause I’m letting go, I’m gonna lasso your heart like a rodeo!” Sorry, I can’t help it that song is just too addicting… Maybe in a, This is so good, it’s bad kinda way, but still…

Anyway, thanks to the fine folks at Warner Bros we have more DVD’s to send your way! This time for the soon to be classic fairytale romp A Cinderella Story: Once Upon A Song!

Ah… Good times…

What do you have to do you may ask? Ah…

a cinderella story once upon a song dvd cover art promo poster rare lucy hale pretty little liars freddie stroma harry potter

First leave a comment on this page and the same comment on the Mike The Fanboy Facebook page telling everyone what your favorite fairytale is. It can be anything, be creative…

Don’t forget leave the same comment here and on the facebook page… Yep, the same comment twice… Two pages… Here on this post and on the Mike The Fanboy Facebook page

It’s that easy… Winners will be chosen by random on Sept. 22nd!

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