A Monster In Paris DVD/Blu-Ray Review! Potions! Terror! Giant Bugs! Singing! Musicals! What More Can You Want In A Movie!

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Set in 1910, A Monster in Paris is a charming animated film for kids. It’s always a mixed bag when one pops in an animated film that doesn’t have the Disney or Pixar label. You just never know if the quality will match up. I’m not sure that’s a fair comparison necessarily, Pixar has set the bar incredibly high but truthfully that’s the standard people judge animated films on at this point.

A timid movie house projectionist named Emile has a crush on his coworker named Maude. He gets tongue tied around her, can’t speak and he just can’t work up the nerve to ask her out on a date. When Emile’s friend Raoul, a driver/delivery man pulls up just at the moment that Emile finally works up the nerve to ask Maude out, Emile uses it as another excuse to back out.

Driving on his delivery route, Raoul reveals his crush on a beautiful singer named Lucille who performs at the local club. Both Raoul and Emile make a delivery at a scientists lab and Raoul is careless and plays around with the scientists potions. This causes an accident where a simple flea turns into a hopping, flying monster.

This monster terrorizes the city. The entire area is in panic, I mean who wouldn’t be? A giant flea is bopping around the city! What the city doesn’t understand is that the flea has a huge heart and a voice like an angel.

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Lucille hears the monsters voice and takes him in. She gives him clothes and even includes him in her show. Sadly, the monster is revealed and the city wants him taken out or turned back into a flea.

A Monster in Paris simply sparkles on blu-ray. The picture quality is excellent and the songs are fun if not memorable. There were some technical issues and it seemed like the voices were a 1/4 second off. It didn’t take away from the film but it was noticeable.

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Young audiences will enjoy the film, however I think anyone above the age of 10 might have a hard time sitting through the full film.

A Monster In Paris is out now on DVD and Blu-Ray

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