Manic Monday! Here’s A Story.. Of How Pinky Met The Brady Bunch Cast! Maureen McCormick! Eve Plumb! Susan Olsen! Barry Williams! And More!

Hello, my lovelies. Pinky Lovejoy-Coogan here beyond excited about FINALLY completing my Brady Bunch cast! This has been a years long quest which finally reached completion last week after finally getting pictures with both Maureen McCormick (who played Marcia) and Eve Plumb (who played Jan).

Maureen McCormick

Eve Plumb


Previously I’d been lucky to meet Barry Williams (who played Greg),

Barry Williams

Christopher Knight (who played Peter),

Christopher Knight

Mike Lookinland (who played Bobby – and was the first Brady member I’d ever met.

Mike Lookinland

He also made me a heart shaped pink concrete table which I adore), Susan Olsen (who played Cindy),

Mike Lookinland and Susan Olsen

Robbie Rist (who played Cousin Oliver)

Robbie Rist (aka Cousin Oliver) taking a fan photo with pinky at the hollywood collector's show in burbank cousin oliver now

and Florence Henderson (who played Mrs. Brady).

Florence Henderson

As you may or may not know, I’m a HUGE Brady fan and LOVED the TV show growing up. I was so excited to see they’d gotten the cast back together to film “A Very Brady Renovation” on HGTV (which premieres tonight!).

A Very Brady Renovation

A Very Brady Renovation

I knew I had to try and attend the premiere for the show if at all possible. When the day finally came, I made my way to the location and waited to see what would happen. Maureen ended up being dropped off in front and was incredibly kind. I even got to show her my picture with Davy Jones when I did the “Marcia pose” of him kissing my cheek!

Davy Jones

She even tweeted me back after I tweeted her a thank you later that night. So cool! Love it!

Since Eve lives out of town, she was staying where the event was held and therefore a bit harder to get. I didn’t really think it would work out, but, luckily, a friend showed up who gave me courage and we kinda blew by security to get our pics. It all worked out, but it was stressful! Still, totally worth it! I can’t believe how groovy it was to meet everyone! What a sunshine day!

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