Throwback Thurs! Meeting Hugh Grant! A Very English Scandal FYC Q and A! Checking Out The Amazon Experience! Autographs! And More!

I’ve been getting badgered by a friend of mine for a certain signed poster and so I thought… Hugh Grant is the perfect Throwback Thurs!

Check it out below!

This Emmy season I was lucky to attend a screening and q and a with Hugh Grant for his limited series A Very English Scandal. Scotty, Sax and Dee Dee joined me on this little excursion and it was a blast.

The series was very good and I’m really looking forward to seeing the whole thing. Hugh Grant really is at his best in this.

The q and a was wonderful, Hugh Grant was charming and recanted how the character was a joy to play and the series itself was a pleasure to be in.

After the q and a we went to the reception, once we got there, Hugh Grant formed and meet and greet line and was talking to people.

He was very cordial and we chatted about the series.

Hugh Grant also signed a Four Weddings and a Funeral mini poster for me.

Afterwards, the gang and I had a blast at the Amazon experience.

It was such a wonderful set up with different rooms themed for each of their shows.

Check out the pics below!

Until next time kids…

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