Al Pacino! The Man! The Myth! The Legend! Ace Meets The Icon And He’s Awesome! Autographs! Photos! And More!

Ace is most definitely an autograph addict! He loves the hobby more than anyone I know! Well, the one thing you can say about Ace is that his tastes are varied. One day he’s running after Cowboys, one day he’s tripping over Debbie Reynolds, and on this day he headed out for Al Pacino!

Clearly Al Pacino is a legend, and it’s not everyday he’s out and about!

Check out Ace’s recap below!
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What’s up autograph fanatics! Ace here with a recap of meeting the one and only Al Pacino.
Al Pacino is one of my all time favorite actors. He is in the list with Robert DeNiro, Jack Nicholson, Marlon Brando, Dustin Hoffman, and Anthony Hopkins. He has always been a huge white whale of mine… I actually never thought I would get the chance to get his autograph. Regardless, accomplishing it was no easy feat. I was so worried that we would wait such a long time for nothing to show for it…
Mr. C and myself got to the venue around eleven in the morning. Moz got there much earlier than that. The car ride over was so nerve racking… Just imagine if your friend got him as you were driving. Often times, there would be no point in staying because once the celebrity signs, it’s over. You can always wait and hope they will do it again, but most of the time, it’s very unlikely. Regardless, we missed nothing and the worry was all for not.
The first hour wasn’t too bad… I call this the initial stage… You are excited and can’t believe you have the opportunity to see such a legend. The second and third hour the emotion wears off. You begin to get tired but your persistence lingers. I think this was around the time where I stopped standing… I grabbed the one and only lawn chair, at the time, out of the car and sat down. Mr. C and I kept rotating, taking shifts… Of course, every time all I heard was “get out of my chair.” I think it was the next week where I bought my own… I recall this because I did this two more times. This leads me into the fourth hour… This hour is always the restroom period. You hold it for as long as you can, and when you do decide to go, you freak out that you are going to miss something. Come on… I know you have seen it in the movies…
The fifth and six hour are the worst of all… You become delirious… No water. No Restroom. Just you and a few other graphers! You start making stupid bets, like running to the other side of the street with on coming traffic, or racing to a nearby pole. Every time a car passes by, you hope it’s the one. It then leads to the seventh or eighth hour. You always have that one person who gets stupid lucky and arrives as none of us have gotten anything. You just wanna strangle them… Saying we have waited for X amount of hours… Of course, you can’t. By this time, you are too bored and tired to care.
Finally, after all the waiting, he came out… We could see him in the distance get in the car. He is a complete Bad Ass. They drove out… We had our stuff and we waved. He rolls down smiling.

al pacino signing autographs from his car

I heard usually he is very serious, but he was pretty awesome.

al pacino signed scarface poster

Signing away and away. I got my two mini-posters done and another item for my brother.

Al pacino signing autographs

When he was done, he flinged the sharpie in the air, and it landed on Mr. C’s shirt. It was over, but it was worth the wait.
Well, I hope you enjoyed this recap guys…
Now, remember, there is always a graphing opportunity out there… You just have to find it.
Until Next time,
Ace, the Autograph Addict
Al pacino signing autographs for fans Al pacino signing autographs

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