Fanboying Los Angeles With My Sister! Meeting Alexis Bledel! Chace Crawford! Skylar Astin! Shannon Woodward! Zach Woods! And More!

My sister was in town this past week and I already miss her!

She’s like my other half and totally awesome. I mean she clearly gets being awesome from her brother so there’s that.

We decided to head to this one night only play here in LA because there were some cool people in it, like Alexis Bledel from Gilmore Girls which we both love as well as Chace Crawford, Tyler Hoechlin, Skylar Astin, Shannon Woodward, and Zach Woods.

We met up with the gimp, I mean Billy Beer. He was walking funny and while I have several jokes now running through my head it was due to a knee injury. Needless to say, he wasn’t walking very fast. I mean we were going to go and hang out at my place but by the time Billy walked to my car we didn’t have time to drive. That’s how slow he was going. I told him to pretend there was a comic con wristband on the other end of the corner but he didn’t find it funny.

So, we waited.

As we walked up, who was walking in, Alexis Bledel. I admit I was really nervous, I’ve never met her and let’s just say Alexis Bledel wasn’t the nicest person in the world. At first she refused to sign or do pictures with the three of us but then broke down and did sign one each, so that was nice.

She signed my sisters photo right on the black dress with a black marker so she said, “Oh, I screwed that up. I’ll sign another one for you.”

So, since Becka didn’t have another one, I gave her my second poster. We thanked her and that was that.

Hey, she signed, so I was happy at least.

Alexis Bledel signed autograph gilmore girls poster rare

Alexis Bledel signed autograph gilmore girls poster rare

Then Shannon Woodward arrived. She was really nice. I didn’t have anything for her but Billy had a stack of 4×6 photos. I told her I missed Raising Hope and she said, “We did 86 episodes, so I think we did okay.” We also talked about her being Westworld, which I didn’t even know.

Shannon Woodward signing autographs hot sexy 1

Next up was Skylar Astin, who was really nice. My sister got a photo with him and he signed my Pitch Perfect poster for me. he said, “I’m never in the poster for these!” lol.

Skylar astin signing autographs hot sexy 2

Skylar astin signed autograph pitch perfect poster

Tyler Hoechlin who I love from Teen Wolf was next but he said he was running late and he would do it after. Doh! He’s such a nice guy though.

Chace Crawford arrived and was over the top cool. He took pics and signed my sisters magazine. She was really stoked to say the least!

chace crawford signing autographs hot sexy 3

chace crawford signing autographs hot sexy 3chace crawford signing autographs hot sexy 3

chace crawford signing autographs hot sexy 3

chace crawford signing autographs hot sexy 3

Finally Zach Woods from Silicon Valley arrived. Such a cool dude. Every time I’ve seen him, he’s just so nice. He signed my Silicon Valley mini poster.

zach woods signed autograph silicon valley poster season 2

And then Billy decided to take a goofy photo with my camera. Little does he know that I have no problem posting photos of him being goofy! LOL.

billy beer tounge

The show itself was a lot of fun. We had a really nice day. Now my sister needs to jump on a plane and come back… 🙁

I didn’t wait until the end for Tyler Hoechlin because Becka was super tired and was leaving at like 3:00 a.m. the next day.. But Billy was nice enough to hobble over and get my photos signed and even got this video for me… All together now… awwwwww….

Until next time kids…

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