Alfred Molina Goodness! Meeting Doc Ock In The Flesh and A Random Spotting Of Counselor Troi Hanging Out With Mrs. Patmore?!?

It’s funny, but sometimes when you have a lot of time, an event you want to go to or someone you want to go and try to meet falls by the wayside.

So many times, I’m like, “Oh, I have a month!” and then last minute, I’m like, “Shit!”

Such was the case when Alfred Molina had a recent play here in Los Angeles.

Alfred Molina meeting fans signing autographs los angeles 3

I was like, “Oh I have time” and then I’m calling Scotty like, “Ahhhh we only have two days and the Alfred Molina play is done!”

So, we ran down to try and meet the star of Spider-man and Chocolate. Now, Chocolate is one of my favorite films of all time, it’s pretty damn amazing and just makes me happy when I watch it.

I brought a couple posters, one of Dr. Otto Octavius from Spider-Man 2 and the above mentioned Chocolate and Raiders of the Lost Ark for fun.

Scotty and I waited out front. We got there a little early but not too bad.

As people left, we kept marveling at the interesting people who go to theater these days.

Then we spotted Marina Sirtis and Lesley Nicol talking and leaving together. I didn’t realize it was Marina Sirtis until later and I was like damnit! Not that I brought my Star Trek magazine with me but still.

I mean who would have thought that Mrs. Patmore and Counselor Troi would be hanging out together?

Then Alfred Molina leaves and he’s in a rush but is very nice and stops. He said, “I can only do one each guys, I have a long ride home.” Which was fine. He was very kind to stop, we thanked him and were on our way.

Alfred Molina signed autograph doc ock poster spider man 2 psa

Simple and a fun night.

I love nights like that!

Until next time kids…

Alfred Molina signed autograph doc ock poster spider man 2 psa

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