Amy Adams Christian Bale sign for fans at The Fighter Premiere in Hollywood!

Christian Bale sexy shirtless fighter dark knight sweat autograph signed poster

Ah, the Fighter… A movie I have been wanting to see! I mean Marky Mark as a boxer with Amy Adams talking to animated woodland creatures and Christian Bale to boot. Come on! Who doesn’t want to see that! Seriously thought, it looks amazing and is a serious Oscar contender… I could have been a contender! Lol… Wow, I’m one tired little toaster… Anyway… I’m heading out even though I wasn’t going to go, but I figured… I already have the poster! Why not! Lol… I know I’m a dork… sigh…

4:23 p.m. – I’m here, late but here. The weird thing about tonight is that there is another premiere across the street, for the Tempest with Russell Brand and Helen Mirren. I have never seen two competing premiere’s before. Lol…
Christian Bale Mark Wahlberg amy adams fighter premiere set up poster
4:33 p.m. – I totally spaced and didn’t figure Katy Perry would be here… grrrrr… I love Katy Perry! Some of you probably read the article I did on her a couple years ago. She is so nice… well, at least she was then! Lol….

4:45 p.m. – So, we are standing right on the red carpet… I mean, like right on the carpet. I’m shocked they are letting us stand there, and I’m thinking they might move us. Which will suck. Grumble.

4:51 p.m. – Apparently, Christian Bale’s biggest fan is here. Yes, he made a sign, no judgment call mind you… I have made a sign or two in my past. Lol… This is the same guy that was shut out of the Brandon Flowers autograph a couple months or so back. Yep, he’s trying again; I’m telling you its addicting!
Christian Bale #1 fan Fighter Premiere Chinese theatre hollywood Signed autograph
5:02 p.m. – I’m still thinking that this red carpet spot is too good to be true. Sigh…

5:07 p.m. – My camera battery is dying… dammit!

5:19 p.m. – the other premiere is starting to gear up.

5:22 p.m. – As much as I enjoy Marky Mark Wahlberg, I’m more excited for Amy Adams. I really like her. Yes, she is always Amy Adams in every one of her movies, but I still love her. I need her to finish my Enchanted poster, and Sunshine Cleaning, and a couple others…

5:34 p.m. – Christian Bale is always good to get cause he’s tough. The funny thing about Christian Bale is that he always personalizes even at premieres. This is why it’s tough to buy one of his autographs. Not that I would, but still… Just a word to the wise.

5:46 p.m. – All the press are getting ready to file into their pens… Which means time for Amy Adams to arrive! Lol… I’m so stoked for her!
Mark Wahlberg Christian Bale Amy Adams Fighter Poster premiere red carpet
5:49 p.m. – Uh oh… security is talking about us… I’m fearing they might try to move everyone… sigh… This means I could be screwed without lube… and that ain’t pretty folks…

5:56 p.m. – My mom just texted me that it’s sixteen degrees below zero back home, and I will need to pack warm clothes for Christmas… I’m going to blazing arctic tundra of nothingness… sigh… Ah well… Just an excuse to not work out and drink hot chocolate…

5:59 p.m. – Mmmmm chocolate… I learned today that there are whole subcultures of people who love chocolate and blog about it…. That’s crazy to me. I mean if you’re going to blog, blog about something like standing on the street waiting for Amy Adams… I mean that… people need to know about that.

6:02 p.m. – I was also told that a lot of people are watching my video of Hootie i.e. Darius Rucker telling a fan to get a life. Lol… Sometimes you just never know.

6:03 p.m. – Oh no… Security is moving us… I knew it. When I don’t go with my gut I lose out… Dammit! Damn, damn, damn!

6:08 p.m. – They are moving us six feet back; even I can’t reach that far… I’m bailing…

6:12 p.m. – I just moved along with most of the crowd. So, now I’m three people back and about to throw my poster over some Australian senior citizens to get it signed. Sigh…

6:16 p.m. – And now all the dealers are coming behind us. It’s like, I’m being tortured. There will be so much pushing… ugh…

6:22 p.m. – The premiere starts in eight minutes. Or probable more before anyone significant shows up. Ugh…

6:26 p.m. – The woman in front of me has a cane that transforms into a chair. I find that fascinating… Did I mention Christian Bale’s biggest fan is next to me with his sign? Lol… You know I’m only teasing you man… 

6:36 p.m. – Sigh… nothing happening yet, but a couple people left, and one British lady told off another collector who was trying to help her out. What the hell man?

6:43 p.m. – Oh… oh… Oh… A car… It’s… it’s… yep; Mr. Marky Mark Wahlberg is here! And he’s walking right onto the carpet. Sigh… It’s a sad sad day when Mark Wahlberg doesn’t come over. He’s so nice and fan friendly too! I have a strange hunch he didn’t even hear us… It’s so loud here with the press and stuff…. I’m giving Marky Mark Wahlberg a pass on this one.
mark Wahlberg shirtless sexy sweaty calvin klein fighter premiere naked
6:51 p.m. – Another car… it’s… no one… Sigh… Wait… That’s Mark Hamill… Luke Skywalker is here? Wow… That’s random…
Mark Wahlberg Christian Bale Amy adams fighter premiere sexy shirtless naked
7:01 p.m. – Oh… More people are leaving… I’m in the second row now… surrounded by dealers… blech… oh and Christian Bale’s biggest fan… lol… I kid, I kid…

7:06 p.m. – Another car… Oh crap, it’s Amy Adams! Whoo hoo! She’s looking over as we all yell for her. Then she starts to come over and walks to the other side of the car… uh….

7:08 p.m. – Now she comes over! Yay… Just as Christian Bale is pulling up…

7:11 p.m. – Amy is signing really fast, and I see she has a black sharpie, and there is no way she is going to switch. So instead of going for my Fighter poster, I’m going to get her on the Enchanted poster.
amy adams enchanted junebug fighter sunshine cleaning signing autographs poster
7:12 p.m. – She comes over and she signs my poster and signs for probably a minute. I’m stoked cause I finally got her, but you know it wasn’t like the moment of my life. Still it’s quite fun for me to get someone I’ve never got before. I mean, especially someone who I’ve really enjoyed over the years. Junebug, one of her first films I quote all the time!
amy adams susan sarandon signed enchanted mini poster uk quad rare
7:14 p.m. – Amy Adams is starting the press line now, just as Christian Bale is signing on the other end of the line. Dammit!
amy adams fighter premiere sexy enchanted junebug sunshine cleaning rare signed
7:17 p.m. – Christian Bale’s biggest fan is devastated! Lol… Wow, I have a new nickname for someone… I always like that when I get to nickname someone something random that’s funny in my head but probably not to anyone else. I call it Mike World and I enjoy living there.

7:22 p.m. – Oh… Christian Bale is back in the “celebrity pen” dammit. Everyone on our side is chanting… lol… I mean literally we are chanting… it was very spontaneous… God bless spontaneity…
christian bale sexy shirtless fighter premiere sweat dark knight rare signed
7:24 p.m. – Christian is talking to someone… I hope he’s not yelling at them, lol… I have the Christian Bale rant dance remix on my Blackberry and when I need a pick me up, I give it a listen.

7:25 p.m. – Oh crap… he’s coming over!
Christian Bale signing autographs at the fighter premiere in hollywood signed poster
7:26 p.m. – Christian Bale is coming over and signing for pretty much everyone. He’s only doing one each, and Christian Bale’s biggest fan is going crazy nuts…

Christian Bale signing autographs for fans at the Fighter Premiere in Hollywood

7:29 p.m. – Sure enough Christian Bale is personalizing everything! He is getting closer now… Christian Bale’s biggest fan gets him on his Batman movie poster.
Christian Bale sexy shirtless naked fighter premiere hollywood dark knight
7:30 p.m. – Christian Bale gets to me, and I ask him to sign my Fighter poster in silver which he says, “sure” and he personalizes it to Mike. He’s so friendly. I’m a little shocked. He is talking to everyone and really taking his time with the crowd. His publicist says only one per person, but Christian just keeps going and going. Such a cool guy!
christian Bale signing autographs at the fighter premiere sexy shirtless naked rare
7:34 p.m. – Well, that’s all she wrote kids, I’m heading out. christian bale signing autographs for fans at the fighter premiere sexy shirtless nakedEven though Mark did not sign, it was a fun evening. I mean personally getting Amy Adams, and Christian Bale was more exciting than Mark Wahlberg, even though I’m a huge Mark Wahlberg fan. But he’s around more than the other two… Anyway, overall I’m pretty happy considering how the evening started out!
Christian Bale signed fighter mini poster rare at the Fighter premiere sexy hard naked shirtless

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