Meeting Annie Lennox At Her Night Of Nostalgia! Swoon! The Pop Legend Was Incredible! Autographs! And More!

Here comes the rain again,
Falling on my head like a tragedy,
tearing me apart like a new emotion…

I am a huge Annie Lennox fan, seriously… She’s one of my favorite singers of all time. I have grown up with her music and that of her former band, of course I’m talking about the Eurythmics.

They have made some of the most enduring and soulful music of all time.

Annie Lennox isn’t around the Los Angeles area very much and rarely performs, so when you get a chance to see her, you have to take it.

Annie was doing a rare concert, “A Night of Nostalgia” and I had to go. Thankfully, a friend of mine was able to get really good seats for event, and Scotty the music man was able to join us. It was an amazing night to be sure.

We were not allowed to take photos, as the show was being recorded for PBS, but let me assure you, it was magical. Even when doing covers, Annie Lennox makes them her own. God Bless The Child, I Put A Spell On You, etc… her voice and her skill shine through.

The night consisted of all the Nostalgia album performed and then Annie gave a wonderful speech and said, “I’m sure you all have some Nostalgia as well.”

Then she did four songs on the piano from her archive of hits, Here Comes The Rain Again, No More I Love You’s, Sweet Dreams, and Why.

Even when interrupted by a stage crasher, Yes, someone rushed the stage at an Annie Lennox concert crying, “I just want to sing with you!”

Annie was a sport, saying that this is her stage. Loving every second.

Then, after the show we headed back, and decided to wait for Annie to leave. You never know right? I know how kind she is, so I thought she might come over.

After a couple hours, out Annie came. She waved and came right on over.

Adorable, so kind. She had no problem signing items, switching pens and talking.

When it came to me, she said, “Oh my gosh, look at what you have.”

Annie Lennox signing autographs nostalgia live in concert los angeles 12

I had my Don’t Ask Me Why picture disc, an original counter standee, my Revenge shaped picture disc, and Annie Lennox’s Rolling Stone magazine.

I told her I’ve been a fan forever, and she said, “I can tell!”

Annie Lennox signing autographs nostalgia live in concert los angeles 12

Then she did photos, with literally everyone and then a drunk group ran up and Annie said that she had to go, and I missed getting a photo. Ugh… Kill me.

It’s okay, there will be another time. Annie Lennox was so kind, and so cordial and just was everything you could want her to be.

I’m so thankful she took a few minutes out of her day to greet us like that.


Until next time kids…

Annie Lennox signed autograph tell me why picture disc eurythmics

Annie Lennox signed 1983 rolling stone magazine

Annie Lennox signed eurythmics greatest hits counter standee

Annie Lennox signed autograph revenge shaped picture disc

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