Another Round Of Anushika’s Celebrity Photo Gallery! With Martin Short! Vin Diesel! Christoph Waltz! Jamie Foxx! Kunal Nayyar! Quentin Tarantino! Emma Roberts!

kunal nayyar signed autograph mike sametz mike the fanboy rare promo emmy diorama big bang theory promo poster season 4 It’s time for another round of… drum roll please… Anushika’s photo album! Whoo Hoo! Documenting the crazy comings and goings of celebrity watching, it’s a lot like bird watching, but less quiet and smellier. Really, you should see some of the people in Hollywood…. Whoo!

This time around, we have Martin Short! Who I am devastated I missed! Scream 4 starlet Ms. Emma Roberts! Sorta actor Vin Diesel (AKA CB’s Hero!), Singer and Actor Jamie Fox, Academy Award Winner Christoph Waltz, Director extraordinaire Quentin Tarantino, and a cool shot of Kunal Nayyar from Big Band Theory Signing my Emmy Promo Diorama!

Check out the full gallery after the jump!

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