Anushika Flips Out When She Has A Random Encounter With The “Flawless Godly Creature” Also Known As Shemar Moore From Criminal Minds! Oh La La!

I love getting articles like this! LOVE IT! All of us here at MTF miss Awesome Anushika desperately, so it’s a welcome pleasure when I get to hear of her encounters, especially one that gets her this excited!

Trust me, Anushika has been with me when I met Nancy Botwin, I mean Mary Louise Parker one on one and I about died so I think my freak out card has been punched, lol…

Anyway, Ms. Anushika was out and about and met… wait for it ladies… Shemar Moore from Criminal Minds. And if you think he should have been in Magic Mike, well Anushika would agree with you!

Check out her random encounter after the jump!


It was one of those Sundays with the girls. Catching up over brunch and soaking up the last bit of sun before winter. After fueling ourselves at Lola’s, we decided to head over to the mall for some much needed retail therapy. I had work the night before, so I really needed some caffeine in my system. We got ourselves some coffee and thought we should leave before more damage is done. As we were leaving the mall, I noticed a strikingly familiar set of eyebrows through a window in one of the men’s department stores. I did a double take at these mysterious brows…..and went into instant shock and totally froze in place!!!

O_O My heart was trying to pop out of my chest….I just could not contain myself. Is that REALLY him or am I just imagining stuff due to my lack of sleep?!?!?!?? I was standing right in front of Shemar Moore, none other than Derek Morgan himself!!!!! OMG OMG OMG!!!!!!!!

We watch Criminal Minds just to see him. He is the perfect cure for bad work days. We adore him SOOOO MUCH!!!!! =D The ultimate epitome of Tall, Dark & Handsome!

I never thought I’d bump into him, let alone see him in person like this….my head started spiraling as I was trying to figure out if I should say hi lol…I mean how can I pass up this chance???? =D But do I have what it takes to go up to this gorgeous man??? He seems to be pretty much by himself and the store was empty. This would be the perfect chance to approach him. I was still struggling outside and my friends were having a field day enjoying my freak out! Lol…I really didn’t want to bother him, but I knew I would hate myself for walking away.

After a lot of Inhales and exhales, I entered the store. I slowly approached him and was trying my best to keep it together. I was like “Shemar?” lol…He instantly looked up and shot his gazillion watts smile and my legs turned to Jell-O!!!! Oh Dear God, give me strength Hahahaa…. =D It’s all a blur, but I think I apologized for disturbing him and told him that I’m a HUGE fan. He totally came up to me and put his hand around me, bent down and asked me my name. (OMG!!!!! He asked me my name!!!!!!!!!) I think my smile went from ear to ear and I just could not stop giggling. I told him it’s Anushika, and of course he had trouble pronouncing my weird name, so I repeated it again. I can’t even remember asking him for a picture, but before I knew it, my friend had her phone ready and we were posing LOL…He is so tall my face was pretty much glued to his chest! =D

Criminal minds star shemar moore posing with Anushika for a fan photo hot sexy godly creature rare promo sexy hot

OMG, this can’t get any better! I thanked him and told him how much we love him and the show and apologized again for bugging him. He said it’s not a problem and thanked us flashing that oh so dreamy smile! ^_^ Shemar was a COMPLETE SWEETHEART and was more than happy to see me flipping out. Ladies, this man is a flawless godly creature!!! It’s ALL real, no “TV Magic”. We walked out the store in one piece, but I almost died in the parking lot going ape shit!!! =D Maybe it was the caffeine, but my heart was racing all the way back home. I just couldn’t believe that actually happened. I mean I actually got to say hi to Shemar Moore!!!!!!! I think I’m still a little high and giddy lol…

I get to go to a lot of events where I see plenty of celebs, but it’s a whole different experience when you see them in a more personal level. At events you have an idea of who is coming and what to expect, but when you get surprises like these, the moments are priceless. Hands down THE BEST celeb bump in EVER!!!!! It’s a Fan girl’s dream….now if only I could have the same experience with Depp…..I will definitely keep my fingers crossed! =)

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