Anushika’s Photo Gallery Number 2! Avril Lavigne! Amanda Seyfried! Penelope Cruz! Matt Bomer! Abbie Cornish!

Amanda Seyfried Mean Girls Red Riding hood Dear John Letters to juliet rare signed autograph sexy gorgeous hot rare stunning beautiful

The lovely and talented Anushika sent me a bunch of her wonderful celebrity candid photos, I really hope you checked out her Celebrity Photo Gallery #1 cause the pictures of David Boreanaz and Ryan Phillippe were especially awesome!

This photo gallery features some more awesome photos including Matt Bomer, Amanda Seyfried, Abbie Cornish, Avril Lavigne, Penelope Cruz, and Johnny Knoxville. The pics are adorable! Take a look at them after the jump!

Amanda Seyfried signed autograph red riding hood mean girls letters to juliet dear john sexy hot rare promo poster stunning

abbie cornish sucker punch sexy hot signed autograph fans rare sweet pea blonde sexy starlett photo shoot

matt bomer white collar guiding light signed autograph rare sexy hot stunning neil caffrey promo

Matt Bomer white collar guiding light rare signed autograph promo poster hot sexy rare hot damn fine

Matt Bomer signed autograph promo white collar guiding light hot sexy dance damn fine

avril lavigne goodbye lullabye girlfriend skater boy hot sexy goodbye lullabye rare promo poster flat

avril lavigne signed autograph goodbye lullabye girlfriend hot cd promo poster flat skater boi

avril lavigne goodbye lullabye signed autograph promo poster flat rare cd girlfriend skater boy canada alanis house of blues

penelope cruz pirates of the caribbean on stranger tides nine vanilla sky signed autograph sexy hot rare spanish siren damn fine

pirates of the caribbean on stranger tides penelope cruz rare signed autograph nine hot sexy rare song vanilla sky hot promo poster

Johnny Knoxville  jackass waiting rare signed autograph the ringer rare promo poster hot sexy crotch hit

johnny knoxville rare signed autograph sexy hot jackass star promo poster dance tounge fan friendly rare

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