TV Heartbeat! Arrow Poster Contest! Scandal Talkback! The First Cancellation Of Fall! Walking Dead Is Back! And More!

Limited Edition Arrow Poster giveaway? I say yeah! Scandal talkback! Wha? We’re getting all kinds of cray in this new edition of TV Heartbeat!

The first cancellation of the fall season! Renewal scorecard! Amell Wednesday! And tons more!

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What’s happening now? While the fall network premiere bonanza is slowing down, we still have a big hodge-podge of shows next week — a little something for everyone. Something fun, something tense, something frothy and also something very sad.

For fun and excitement, it’s Amell Wednesday! (As dubbed by the folks at The CW.)


Arrow is back on air tonight with some great guests this season including: Cynthia Addai-Robinson (yet another Spartacus cast member) and, in tonight’s episode, the gorgeous Dylan Bruce from Orphan Black. Don’t worry, Dylan is just moonlighting and will be back on Orphan Black when season 2 starts in April.

Later in the season, Arrow will be treated to a guest shot from Summer Glau. Got to love the casting for this series!!

Arrow - Summer stephen amell hot sexy shirtless rare promo

The other half of Amell Wednesdays is Tomorrow People which features Robbie Amell. Good genes in that family…


If it’s October then it must be time for those walkers to return. Yes, The Walking Dead is back! One of the best shows on TV, this show is all about survival (and I’m not just talking about all the different showrunners). Tune in to find out how the group copes with the new additions to the prison and how the Ricktatorship progresses.


Can’t get enough of Once Upon A Time? With Snow and the gang hanging out in Neverland searching for Henry, we can see what’s up in Wonderland with the new spinoff series. Once Upon A Time in Wonderland starts this week and starts to complete with Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. for longest network series title. Let’s fall down the rabbit hole with Alice and her pursuit for her lost man.


Don’t worry, the show runners have promised that if the Mad Hatter will appear in the series, he’ll still be played by Sebastian Stan – despite his busy schedule with recent stays on Broadway and Marvel universe with the upcoming Captain America sequel. Yeah!

Mad hatter sebastian stan hot sexy photo

We can all rejoice that the adventures of Buzz and Woody and Jessie are not over quite yet! Toy Story of TERROR is a new Halloween special that marks Pixar’s TV debut.


Hopefully this TV one-shot will be funny and heartfelt – a trademark for the movies, but maybe less sentimental so that macho jaeger pilots/fierce vampire fairies can keep it together.

(Not that he was alone in his sentiment!!)

For something a little more artsy, Full Circle debuts on DirectTV. Written by Neil LaBute (so expect something talky and biting), the series takes place in a restaurant and focuses on 2 people per episode. In the next episode one of them moves on to sit down with someone else. And so on for the 10 episode series which features David Boreanaz, Julian McMahon and Tom Felton among others.

On a somber note, Glee pays tribute to Corey Monteith this week. This episode, simply called “The Quarterback,” will no doubt bring on the waterworks.

Glee farewell to Finn poster Corey Monteith rare

Tonight: Arrow (CW), The Tomorrow People (CW), American Horror Story: Coven (FX), Full Circle (Direct TV)
Thursday: Once Upon a Time in Wonderland (ABC), Glee tribute to Corey Monteith (Fox)
Sunday: The Walking Dead (AMC)
Wednesday: Toy Story of TERROR! (ABC)

Health check! With the fall season in full swing, networks are starting to make decisions on the fate of some shows. The first shows to receive good news are The Blacklist and Brooklyn Nine-Nine who are getting a full first season. Even more impressive, Fox is so confident in Sleepy Hollow that the show has already been picked up for next season. Congrats guys!

TV Heartbeat check up chart 10-9

Oh dear! We’ve had our first casualty of the season! Lucky 7 never got passed episode 2. The show will be replaced with repeats of Scandal which returned to its highest ratings.

lucky7 cancelled rare

Talk Time!

What did you think of the Gladiator’s/FLOTUS’ solution to the scandal on Scandal? Notice how ABC is trying to encourage live viewing with all the tweeting? At least that’s what they say the cast is doing in this picture…

And what about Arrow? Let me know your thoughts on the season premiere or follow me on twitter and you may be the recipient of a limited edition Arrow poster! (Stephen Amell told me that they spent 3 hours on make up to get the scars and the tattoos right and was surprised when he saw the finished poster with one of his tattoos airbrushed out.)

stephen amell shirtless arrow limited edition promo poster canadian

Lastly, yours truly will be meeting up with some new shows at New York Comic Con this week. I can’t wait to tell you guys about some new shows in the works including one I’m particularly looking forward to:

Let me know if you have any questions for the Outlander team!

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