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How You Can Dress Like a Celebrity!

Celebrities are right in the public eye, so it makes sense that they’d be some of the most stylish people out there. This makes them a fantastic inspiration for when you want to update your look. If you want a taste of that A-List lifestyle, then fashion

How Movies impacted Online Casino Games

How Movies impacted Online Casino Games Playing live casino games is a massive thrill – Image via Pexels Playing games such as blackjack and roulette in a land-based casino is undoubtedly one of most exciting entertainment activities people can undertake. Casinos have long been associated with glitz

Top 7 Movies Featuring Flowers and Their Symbolism!

Source: Nothing beats the power of flowers in expressing love, appreciation, care, sympathy, and every other emotion you might think of. Unsurprisingly, they’ve also been used in countless movie titles since anyone could remember. Some of these films have actually borne floral names in characters and

The Name’s Bond: How to Live the 007 Lifestyle!

Did you recently watch the latest installment in the James Bond film franchise and leave the cinema thinking ‘I wish I could be a bit more like 007.’ Well, you can! No matter where you live, what type of lifestyle you currently lead, or what you do

Unrealistic lessons we learnt about casinos from the movies

Unrealistic lessons we learnt about casinos from the movies Everybody loves a casino scene in a movie, or even better, whole films based in and around casinos. Some of the greatest movies ever made have featured casinos, and for good reason. They provide instant glamor, high-stakes drama,