Autograph Deal Of The Week! Amy Jo Johnson! The Pink Power Ranger! Plus Molly Ringwald!

It’s autograph deal of the week time!

I know, I know… Calm yourself… Take a breathe… Life is good. Take it slow.

For all you fans out there, Amy Jo Johnson, the pink power ranger, Felicity and Flashpoint star is doing an indiegogo fundraising for the new film, The Space Between.

the space between amy jo johnson

It looks like a fun project and there are some awesome perks. One perk even lets you send Amy up to 10 items and she’ll sign them for $150 bucks. Not bad if you’re a Power Ranger fan!

Click below for all the info!


1980’s icon and pop chanteuse Molly Ringwald has signed CD’s for sale!

For $13 bucks you can get a signed CD!

MOLLY ringwald except sometimes cd cover signed at newbury comics

We all know how hard Molly is to get, so if you like her this might be a fun thing to do!

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