Autograph Deal of the Week! Chris Jericho! Imagine Dragons! Peter Mayhew! Greedo AKA Paul Blake! And More!

It’s the Autograph Deal of the Week!

First up is Chris Jericho!

This hardcover first edition of No Is a Four-Letter Word is autographed by Chris Jericho. 

Inspirational book by wrestling champion and three-time New York Times bestselling author Chris Jericho, with a foreword by Paul Stanley

Chris Jericho signed book

Written in Chris Jericho’s trademark style-jam-packed with ridiculous stories and hilarious references-No Is a Four Letter Word is organized around twenty-two principles on what it takes to make it to the top of your field, featuring stories from legends and influencers along the way. Whether it’s discovering how to make any situation work (like when Jericho bargained with Vince McMahon for the chance to meet Keith Richards…with an assist from Jimmy Fallon); spending money to make money (like when he doled out tens of thousands of dollars on his trademark light-up jackets because that’s what KISS would do), or learning from his NHL-legend father to always sell himself, Jericho guides readers on his journey up success’s ladder and shows them how they can apply these principles in their own lives.


Then Imagine Dragons has signed CD pre-orders available.

The new Imagine Dragons CD comes out on Friday June 23rd. Purchase the new CD here from Looney Tunes and you will get a FREE AUTOGRAPHED CD BOOKLET!

Imagine Dragons signed autograph cd booklet

This promotion is valid to customers in the United States ONLY.  All international orders will be refunded and cancelled immediately.

Limit 2 units per person.  Orders of more than two items will be refunded and cancelled immediately.


Then, if you want an autograph from Chewbacca AKA Peter Mayhew, he has signed items for sale on his site or you can mail in your own item.

You can send an item for Peter to sign. You will be responsible for return postage. We highly recommend you use FedEx or UPS and insure your package. We live in a very rural area.


Finally, we have the Greedo Pop! Star Wars Vinyl Figure Autographed By Paul Blake – Limited Edition of 150.

Paul Blake will sign his name on the window of the box, along with “Greedo”. He will use an green opaque paint marker so the autograph really stands out.

Greedo Pop! Star Wars Vinyl Figure Autographed By Paul Blake - Limited Edition of 150

Each hand signed figure includes:
-Individually Numbered Kool Toys & Games Authenticated Hologram
-Letter of Authenticity with Matching Hologram
-Collage of photographs from our private signing
-PET Pop Protector

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