Autograph Deal of the Week! Jenna Dewan! Joni Mitchell! John Kerry! Lamar Odom! Mary Wilson! And More!

It’s the Autograph Deal of the Week!

Let’s get this party started!

First up, is Jenna Dewan from Step Up, she has a new book out in a signed edition!

Actress and dancer Jenna Dewan shares her uplifting message of how to elevate your life and experience beauty every day—perfect for fans of Jessica Alba’s The Honest Life and Kate Hudson’s Pretty Happy

Check out the deal here!

Then there’s former Supreme, Mary Wilson!

As Motown’s leading act in the 1960s, The Supremes became synonymous with glamorous, elegant, coordinated ensembles. Supreme Glamour presents founding member Mary Wilson’s unparalleled collection, showcasing thirty-two of the group’s most eye-catching gowns, meticulously reassembled and photographed on the Grammy Museum stage. Detailed captions accompany each photograph, providing information about the design, fabric, and embellishments of each ensemble, as well as the occasion on which each was first worn.

Check out the deal here!

Music icon Joni Mitchell, has a limited edition signed book. It’s pricey, but she’s extremely rare.

This beautiful Limited Edition of Joni Mitchell’s Morning Glory on the Vine: Early Songs and Drawings is autographed by Joni Mitchell. The book itself is bound in a cloth textile one-piece green cover (selected by Joni) with bronze metallic foil stamp on the front and spine. It is housed in a full color silk effect slipcase and includes two loose art prints in a vellum envelope.

Next up, is Lamar Odom who has a new book out.

Fame. Sex. Pain. Drugs. Death. Booze. Money. Addiction. Redemption. Dizzying heights. Rock-bottom depths. Desperation and elation—sometimes in the same hour. Not to mention power . . . and the struggle for it.

The world knows Lamar Odom as a two-time NBA world champion who rocketed to uncharted heights of fame thanks to being a member of both the storied Los Angeles Lakers and the ubiquitous Kardashian empire.

Check out the deal here!

Then there’s former presidential candidate John Kerry.

John Kerry tells the story of his remarkable American life—from son of a diplomat to decorated Vietnam veteran, five-term United States senator, 2004 Democratic presidential nominee, and Secretary of State for four years—a revealing memoir by a witness to some of the most important events of our recent history.

Every Day Is Extra is John Kerry’s candid personal story. A Yale graduate, Kerry enlisted in the US Navy in 1966, and served in Vietnam. He returned home highly decorated but disillusioned, and testified powerfully before Congress as a young veteran opposed to the war.

Check out the deal here!

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