Autograph Deal Of The Week! Marky Ramone Signed Books! Chris Kyle! Derek Jeter Sale! And More!

We have some great autograph deals this week for you presented by Premiere Collectibles!

Marky Ramone of the Ramones is selling his signed book “My Life As A Ramone.”

marky ramone signed book

This is perfect for any Rock N’ Roll fan… Especially any Ramones fans.

Chris Kyles New Posthumous book “American Gun” is being sold and signed by his wife Kayla Kyle.



For any fan of his story, it may be a perfect substitution when you can’t get his autograph!

Lastly, we have a Derek Jeter price slash to share with you! Premiere Collectibles has lowered his books by 300 dollars…

Now, you can buy them at 500. Alot, but definitely cheaper…

Buy Now! Check them out!

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