Autograph Deal Of The Week! 1990’s Edition! Jewel’s Picking Up The Pieces! Live! And More!

Everyone’s favorite poet… Jewel has a new cd… Well… let’s just say… It’s Jewel.

“Picking Up the Pieces, which Jewel describes as a “singer-songwriter’s record,” and one she hopes her influences, Nina Simone, Joni Mitchell and Rickie Lee Jones and mentors, Bob Dylan, Merle Haggard and Neil Young, would be proud of, is the project many have been waiting patiently to hear for years. With her vast and wide-ranging catalogue, which is rapidly approaching 1000 songs – all written over the last quarter century, Jewel has indeed become one of the premiere singer-songwriters of our time.”
jewel picking up the pieces

Jewel has signed copies available for pre-order, so if you’re a fan go ahead and order.

Another 1990’s staple, Live has a signed cd booklet offer as well.

live new cd cover

Sirens Call
Don’t Run To Wait
Natural Born Killers
6310 Rodgerton Dr.
By Design
The Way Around Is Through
Need Tonight
The Strength To Hold On
We Open The Door
He Could Teach The Devil Tricks
Till You Came Around

remember we’re passing these on for reference only!

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