Autograph Deal Of The Week! Michael Keaton! Our Best Deal of the Week Yet! Affordable! Cheap! Inexpensive! Buy Now!

Holy Crayola!

We have the best autograph deal that I have ever come across…

I have spent nights tossing and turning, debating on whether or not I could share this with you….

Michael Keaton has done a signing with Celebrity Authentic.

This is THE ONLY place for the Michael Keaton Collection. This is Michael Keaton’s personally selected autograph company.

Therefore, this deal is EXCLUSIVE. If you want a cheap Michael Keaton Batman signed, he recommends you get it from them.

Let’s get to the deals! Shall we?

Michael keaton at the robocop panel san diego comic con 2013 michael keaton samuel l jackson abbie cornish (2)

For the cheap price of $550, you can buy the signed handbook for the Recently Deceased…

Keaton Deal of the Week

It blew my mind! I bought three of them!

Just wait! That’s not all!

Michael Keaton

For just a little bit more, for the affordable price of just $700, you can get a signed Batman action figure.

Keaton Deal of the Week

What a steal! I had to pick one up for myself.

But, I am not done…

Deal of the Week Michael Keaton

For less than $2,000, you can buy a 1989 Batman Signed Canvas…

Keaton Deal of the Week×42-ferrari-editions-canvas/

I know…. I had to buy one for myself…

Deal of the Week Michael Keaton

There is a ton of affordable Keaton items available in the collection… Buy as many as you can! These are all under $800!

Michael Keaton Autographed 16×20 Batman Returns Movie Artwork Gallery Edition Canvas $499.99

Keaton Deal of the Week

Michael Keaton Autographed Beetlejuice Action Figure $499.99

Keaton Deal of the Week

Michael Keaton Autographed Die-Cast 1:18 Scale Batman 1989 Batmobile $599.99

Keaton Deal of the Week

Michael Keaton Autographed 1:1 Scale Batman Batarang with Display Case $749.99

Keaton Deal of the Week

Mike and I decided that we had to just share this with you…



Until Next time,

Ace, the Autograph Addict
And don’t forget, as I always say… There’s always an autographing opportunity out there, you just have to find it.


Deal of the Week Michael KeatonDeal of the Week Michael Keaton

DISCLAIMER: MTF is only passing these on for satirical or informational purposes and we don’t have any association with the links provided.

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