Autograph Deal Of The Week! With President Bill Clinton! Exorcist Writer William Friedkin! Love Song Singer Sara Bareilles! And More!

The Autograph Deal of the Week wednesday edition is here!

I know that Ace usually takes care of this but I decided to take it for a spin today. Why you ask? Was Ace late on yet another column? NOPE! (Insert shocked face here) I wanted to because I found some cool stuff to share!

First on the docket is Ace’s favorite author, none other than William Friedkin himself! Yep! And now you can grab his book The Friedkin Connection signed at retail price!

The Friedkin Connection signed by William Friedkin book cover dust jacket

I can see Ace tripping over his own feet trying to place an order!

This is the hardcover edition and it’s only $29.99!

Click here to check it out!

The second deal is from Sara Bareilles! You know… The Love Song singer? Love her! Her new album comes with a free signed CD Booklet with purchase!

sara barielles cd cover the blessed unrest rare

The cd The Blessed Unrest is out now and I’m anxious to hear it!

Check out this autograph deal here!


Have you ever wanted an authentic autograph from former President Bill Clinton? This one is a bit pricey but still really cool. You can order a signed copy of Bill Clinton’s book “Giving” and that’s so rare.

bill clinton giving book cover dust jacket rare

Now, it’s not cheap… $350.00 bucks to be precise but still… It is a President!

As Ace says these go fast so get on it, if you’re interested!!

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