Autograph Deal Of The Week! With Elvira The Mistress Of The Dark & The Craft Star Fairuza Balk! Ohhhhh Scary!

Autograph deal of the week!

I was searching around on the old twitter and I came across the feed of one of my favorite indie actresses… none other than Ms. Fairuza Balk who was amazing in The Craft! Amazing! One of the best movies!

Fairuza balk the craft rare photo shoot promo

She opened her own online store and sells signed photos for $25.00 which is way better than at a con or autograph show. Plus, she has some pretty decent photo choices and apparently has made her own candle line!

Check it out here!

Plus, in keeping with the spooky vein, none other than Elvira the mistress of the Dark herself has a page where you can buy signed photos!

elvira mistress of the dark rare promo headshot promo

They are a little more at $45.00 bucks a pop but they are pretty hot!

Check out Elvira’s link here!

Remember they go fast!

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