Autograph History! A Young Eva Mendes Meets Who’s The Boss? Star Alyssa Milano… 25 Years Ago!

I was sitting and thinking over the holidays about some fun things to share and I came up with this great idea… At least I think it’s great… but collecting and collecting autographs and meeting celebrities in general has been happening all over the course of time, so I thought it would be fun to look at some vintage autograph moments. I.e. Autograph History!

This week I stumbled across this picture on Alyssa Milano’s twitter where, back in the 1980s a fifteen year old Eva Mendes waited in line to meet the Who’s The Boss star. I don’t know how Alyssa Milano found it, but it’s adorable!

This was of course before Eva Mendes was famous herself and was taken oh… about 25 years ago! Isn’t that crazy!

It just goes to show, everyone loves meeting their favorite stars, even the stars of tomorrow.

Alyssa Milano of course has worked steadily since Who’s The Boss?, Charmed, and now on Mistresses… Eva Mendes is in the Fast and Furious films, etc…

See… It just proves that everyone is a fan!

alyssa milano eva mendez fan photo 25 years ago

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