Avril Lavigne promotes Goodbye Lullaby by Making CB’s Day with a few Autographs!

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“Hey, hey, you, you, I don’t like your Girlfriend! No way, no way, I think you need a new one!” Sorry, I love that song by Ms. Avril Lavigne… And then there’s that skater boy, but she said See ya later boy. He wasn’t good enough for her, she had a pretty face, But her head was up in space… Anyway, CB is back with another report. This time with that pixie Canadian Ms. Avril Lavigne… Apparently, I was around for this one, but didn’t say! DOH! Ah well… There’ll be another time.

Anyway, check out CB’s report after the jump!

CB here, and I know, I know, I’m become your favorite writer on mikethefanboy.com.

(Editors note: CB has been prone to bouts of insanity. That is all! 🙂 M-)

Mike has been kind enough to let me post my own encounters of the celebrity kind (insert alien music, maybe….Mike says no…) Tonight I am going for Avril Lavigne, because I’ve had this Maxim in my bag for a few months. Avril is doing a concert /television appearance, and Mike, Erica and Scotty were here earlier for David Boreanaz (Check mikethefanboy.com for the AWESOME WRITE UP WITH DAVID to be posted soon… gulp) and have left me the privilege of writing up my Avril story. Now, I’ve heard and read Avril is not fan friendly, so I’m not expecting Julie Benz kindness (Also, check it out on the site). So I’m off to meet Avril.

8:30: David has left and signed, but security gets into an argument with a paparazzi. This looks bad for us, still waiting for Avril.

8:45: Security has closed off the ally and we are all standing behind the barricades. I’m now stuck behind the dealers…great.

9:00: Doors are moving, and OMG Its Avril. We yell for her, and to my shock, she comes over and signs.

avril lavigne canadian goodbye lullaby signed autograph cd skater boy girlfriend what the hell rare promo hot sexy wish you were here

9:05: She signs for everyone. They were not allowing anyone to take pictures with her, but she signed for everybody there.

avril lavigne goodbye lullaby promo signed autograph rare cd skater boy canadian dating hot sexy girlfriend rare promo flat poster photo alanis

Then she leaves, and signs for the OTHER SIDE of the ally. She’s a lot nicer then I’ve been led to believe.

avril lavigne signed autograph cd rare promo hot sexy skater boy girlfriend canadian goodbye lullaby cd rare hot sexy canada skater boy

Overall, I’m happy I got my Maxim, albeit wrinkled, signed and photo signed. yay. Tune in next time, same CB hour, same CB channel, same CB blog. KA-POWWW

avril lavigne signed autograph photo rare maxim magazine cover hot sexy goodbye lullaby rare cd cover promo skater boy girlfriend nice roxette

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