Bad Moms Blu-ray Review!

It’s a unique time in modern society but one thing you can count on, is that entertainment always reflects the popular culture. When the internet started you saw so many films that reflected society’s fears about privacy and the digital age, when civil rights struggles were happening, films reflected the time and now we’re seeing so many films that reflect the changing of societal roles and norms.

Bad moms blu ray review

In the new film, Bad Moms out now on Blu-ray, it’s mothers and their ever changing roles that are on display. Amy (Mila Kunis) tries to be the perfect mom, making sure her kids are taken care of, dinner is made and work is done. She mothers everyone, including her boss and her husband Mike (David Walton) who is like an overgrown man-child. Amy walks in and catches Mike spending some quality time with a young woman online, at first she thinks it’s only porn, but then realizes he’s on a Skype call.

Bad moms blu ray review

This throws her world into chaos and soon she irks the PTA president Gwendolyn (Christina Applegate). With the clash comes new friendships however, as Amy joins forces with Carla (Kathryn Hahn) a free spirit who says her son thinks butter is a food group and Kiki (Kristen Bell) a reserved young woman who lets her husband walk all over her.

Bad moms blu ray review

Together they form an unlikely trio and start to stretch their wings and shirk their lives which were devoted to kids, husbands and everyone else but themselves. Amy starts to assert herself at work, reminding her boss that she’s only there part time even though they force her to stay over 40 hours and makes her kids make their own breakfast. Not exactly the stuff of “bad” moms, it’s more like a little naughty.

Gwendolyn and Amy continue to clash and Gwendolyn basically frames Amy’s daughter in order to try and get her to fall in line under her regime. This leads Amy to take Gwendolyn on and challenge her for the head of the PTA. There are the typical party tropes and speeches, but underneath it all, none of these women are “bad” moms. They’re real people.

Bad moms blu ray review

To be honest, I wasn’t sure what to expect from Bad Moms, I like all three leads and Kristen Bell will always be a favorite from her time on Veronica Mars, here each one is so endearing in their roles, I could see another movie with the three teaming up. Maybe they can solve crime in a small town, sorry I was projecting. Mila Kunis nails the harried mom bit, even though there has never been a mom that looks like Mila Kunis in my school. Kristen Bell really nails her role as the mother of four who is learning to assert herself and Kathryn Hahn is excellent teaching the two of them to let go. They are a great comedy group.

Bad Moms arrives on Blu-ray in a fine transfer. I’m not going to pretend that a film like Bad Moms is a necessary viewing experience in high definition, but any upgrade in picture quality is a good thing. It’s interesting that the details are not as crisp as you would expect from a high definition release, it’s clear but there is some loss when it comes to the fine detail that would enhance a movie going experience.


Special features included on this release are:

Gag Reel – About six minutes of outtakes. Not required viewing but fun to see nonetheless.

Deleted Scenes – There are just over 15 minutes of deleted scenes. You cannot play each scene individually and there is no indication as to where they would have fit into the picture. Still worth a look.

Cast & Mom Interviews – This features the main cast and their moms talking about growing up, being a mom , etc. It’s a longer version of what was featured on the end credit sequence. I honestly loved this featurette. It was very cute.

bad moms blu ray cover

Overall, I was surprised at how much I liked this film. Bad Moms is such a pleasant viewing experience I think anyone who has any kind of relationship with their mom will relate ad enjoy it. The leads are excellent and I would pay to see them in another movie together. I recommend checking out this fun and quirky comedy.

Bad Moms is out now on Blu-ray!

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