Batman and Robin Reunite! Kevin Conroy and Loren Lester! First Look! Photo!

Who loves Batman: The Animated Series?

It had been 20 years since Loren Lester and Kevin Conroy were in the same room!

Conroy and Lester captivated the hearts of many during the 1990s for their portrayal of Batman and Robin.

Loren’s quintessential voice renditions of Robin and Nightwing partnered with Conroy’s iconic Batman. Lester also battled Conroy’s Batman with his role as Dr. Kirk Langstrom AKA Man Bat in Arkham Knight.

Check out the first photo of Loren and Kevin’s reunion at Wizard World Des Moines!

Loren Lester and Kevin Conroy

Wizard World Des Moines will be the first of many… I’m sure…

Photo Courtesy from Loren Lester’s Convention Representatives CelebWorx.

CelebWorx FINAL


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