The Get Down FYC! Meeting Baz Luhrmann! Autographs! And Speeding Through Coldwater Canyon Like A Madman!

Oh, those crazy days here in Los Angeles.

So, I had two events in one day. I know. I had a panel and then I ran to meet Scotty and Lisa for The Get Down FYC panel.

Now, I drove like a madman on a sugar high through Coldwater Canyon to make it, and I was so impressed with myself for making it, I didn’t realize the panel was over.


Such a bummer as I was hoping to catch at least a little bit of it.

Sigh… Still, I was lucky enough to join Lisa and Scotty for the reception, which was amazing. Listen, they had plantains so I was in heaven.

I was also in heaven because I was able to talk to iconic director Baz Luhrmann. I’ve loved him since Strictly Ballroom, and of course Moulin Rouge! is one of my favorite films of all time.

Can I tell you how nice Baz Luhrmann is? So kind and sweet.

We chatted a bit about Moulin Rouge and he flipped about the red box set I have. Nicole Kidman already signed it and I also brought my German lobby card that Nicole Kidman and Ewan McGregor signed as well.

Baz Luhrmann signing autographs meeting fans the get down 6

Then I had to get Strictly Ballroom signed because it’s a classic.


It was a  super fun, if not insane night, lol.

Until next time kids…

Baz Luhrmann ewan McGregor Nicole Kidman signed Moulin Rouge! poster psa Baz Luhrmann signed strictly ballroom poster psa Baz Luhrmann nicole kidman signed moulin rouge red box set psa

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