Fanboy News! A Woman Gets Fired For Asking For A Prisoners Autograph! Country Duo Confronts eBay Sellers! Babe Ruth Signature Gets Donated!

It’s the Fanboy News of the week!

There’s some interesting news this week! A woman asking for an autograph in jail gets fired, a country duo takes on eBay sellers, Bo Jackson photos and More!

Jail nurse fired after allegedly asking for autograph from deputy’s suspected killer

A woman has been fired from the Harris County Jail after she apparently asked for an autograph from the man suspected of shooting and killing a deputy last Friday.

The woman, a nurse and contract worker at the jail, was reportedly overheard saying she wanted Shannon Miles’ autograph.

suspect 1

Dan + Shay Confront Online Autograph Sellers

Dan + Shay are not happy with some people who’ve been selling their autographs online, and they let them know it in an open letter they posted to social media on Saturday (Aug. 29).

The rising country duo have evidently been seeing some of the same faces over and over again asking for autographs, and they figured out that these repeat autograph hounds weren’t fans — they’re actually taking the signatures the guys give them for free and selling them online to real fans at outrageous prices. That didn’t sit well with the duo of Dan Smyers and Shay Mooney, who responded by confronting them online.


Sprint Cup Series stars reveal the origins of their autograph

NASCAR fans love to get drivers’ autographs.Visit just about any track on any given weekend, and there will be scores of fans clamoring to connect with their heroes through the stroke of a pen.

But have you ever wondered how your favorite driver developed his own special style of signing his name?The above video, which originally aired on Wednesday night’s edition of “NASCAR Race Hub” on FOX Sports 1, reveals how the now-famous signatures of some of the sport’s biggest stars originated.

A Photo Op With Bo Jackson Was $129, But Pete Rose And Cal Ripken Were Free

In a recent post I wrote about a sports autograph show at which hundreds of fans stood on line for an hour or two and to meet the Mets’ rookie pitching sensation Noah Syndergaard. They paid, on average, $75 per autograph. To keep the line moving during his 90-minute appearance on a game day, photos were prohibited. “YIKES!” tweeted Gypsy Oak, a sports hobbyist. “For $75 Noah Syndergaard should come to your home, sign 5 items, mow your lawn, AND grace you with a photo.”

bo jackson

Babe Ruth autograph donated to Queens County Museum

In 1933, few celebrities were as well known — or as recognizable — as Babe Ruth.

So it came as a shock to then 11-year-old Granville Nickerson when he and his friends spotted the baseball superstar standing on the steps of the Liverpool, N.S., post office.


He’s a hit! Benedict Cumberbatch is mobbed by fans as he spends another evening signing autographs after Hamlet

He’d already spent three hours treading the boards as Hamlet.

But when Benedict Cumberbatch exited the stage door at London’s Barbican on Tuesday night it was time for another performance, as he wowed the crowd waiting outside by happily signing autographs and taking selfies.

Benedict Cumberbatch rare hot sexy StarTrekIntoDarkness-app-photo2

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