Big Bang Theory Star Jim Parsons Disses Fans While John Carter Himself Taylor Kitsch Is Awesome! Autographs! And More!

Wow, you know I used to make Michigan jokes about the weather all the time, like you know when you’re in Michigan when you have to bring shorts, a jacket, a winter coat, and boots with you on a hike… Today, I’m making those same jokes about Los Angeles!

I am out today, cause I am a huge fan of The Big Bang Theory… and Sheldon himself is taping a rare talk show appearance to promote the series. Also on the show is John Carter AKA Taylor Kitsch. I’m getting sorta stoked for John Carter, so meeting Taylor before the movie comes out will be cool.

I met Jim once before and he was nice. I keep hearing bad things though now, and it makes me sad… Like sad face sad… ;( I’m hoping for the best. He’s the last person I need on my Big Bang Theory pop up diorama….

5:02 p.m. – I got here and they moved everyone to the cluster fuck side… sigh… Ah well… CB saved me a spot but that’s no longer the case. Awesome Anushika is here as well… She’s a Big Bang Theory fan just like me!

5:08 p.m. – CB is going somewhere else… Okay, if I got here at 2:00 p.m. I would stay but you know… what can you do?

5:16 p.m. – So, CB gave me his spot and I’m settled in. There’s only like 15 people here, which kind of shocks me but not really…

5:43 p.m. – It’s getting chilly, but I’m okay right now… I brought a John Carter mini poster for Taylor, a Men’s Health magazine and a photo. For Jim… I have tons of stuff… and I do mean tons…

6:03 p.m. – Any time… I’m so hoping they do it before they go in…

6:11 p.m. – So far nothing… Anushika looks like a popsicle

6:16 p.m. – Security keeps tormenting us by walking back and forth…

6:23 p.m. – Oh crap, someone’s arriving… They are pulling up right to the door… Great… It’s Taylor Kitsch… but everyone thinks it’s Jim. Everyone calls out “Jim” and guess what? Taylor comes over anyway! LOL… Such a nice guy.

friday night lights star taylor kitsch looks sexy and hot signing autographs for fans before jimmy kimmel live

He literally is signing and signing his life away. I am the only one with John Carter stuff, and I told him how I’m looking forward to the movie, and he’s like, “Man, it’s going to be epic.”

taylor kitsch signed autograph john carter from mars rare promo mini poster taylor kitsch shirtless sweaty hot

Then he signs my Men’s Health as well.

taylor kitsch signed autograph men's health magazine wolverine gambit rare promo hot sexy magazine cover muscle

6:24 p.m. – As Taylor is signing Jim Parsons arrives. Everyone yells out for him, but we get a half wave. That’s fine, Taylor is still signing so I understand why someone wouldn’t come over.

friday night lights star taylor kitsch looks sexy and hot signing autographs for fans before jimmy kimmel live

6:25 p.m. – Speaking of Taylor, he’s still going and going.

friday night lights star taylor kitsch looks sexy and hot signing autographs for fans before jimmy kimmel live

I got him on another photo and I think he went back and forth like three times to cover everyone. Lol… So nice!

taylor kitsch signed sexy hot autograph wet shirtless photo friday night lights the covenant john carter from mars rare promo

6:43 p.m. – And now, we wait… and of course the wind is picking up…

7:04 p.m. – I so with this show would end… I mean like… End … NOW…

7:11 p.m. – Anushika is so cold I think we’re losing her kids…

7:16 p.m. – Oh my God, time is going so so so slow… and the wind is so strong here…

7:25 p.m. – Hopefully soon, Jim will come out. I think he’ll do it… God I hope so. We’re down to only 11 people…

7:34 p.m. – Oh, and there he is… Jim Parsons is leaving, and… Oh no, is he doing the fake, “I’m on a cell phone call thing.” He’s now hiding behind someone… Really? Jim… come on brother… and then he’s out the door. Wow… We all head to the other side; I’m just talking with Anushika because I’m honestly kind of stunned. I mean there were only a couple dealers here, sure the worst one was here, but mainly it was fans with DVD’s.

7:35 p.m. – Jim is driving himself and leaves, but then turns into another section of the parking lot. He unloads a box, gets back in the car, and drives right past the six of us left… man… Anushika is so upset… She’s had the worst luck with this cast… And… Damn… Just damn… I’m pissed. Like… I know that they’ve all just received big raises, but come on six people? Really? That would have taken less than 35 seconds. Ask Eva Longoria I’ve seen her sign for 50 people and taped the whole thing. 35 seconds. And I’m probably going to get criticized for this but you know, fuck it… That was shitty. Anyone should be thankful if people are waiting for you, but in the cold… and in a safe protected environment… Dude… I’m very disappointed in you Jim Parsons… VERY DISAPOINTED. You, made Anushika sad, and I don’t like it when people make Anushika sad… I hate it when you meet someone and they disappoint you especially when they are on a show you love…


Until next time kids…

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