Throwback Thurs! Big Little Lies FYC Q and A! Meeting Reese Witherspoon! Nicole Kidman! Alexander Skarsgard! And More!

I think everyone needs a feel good movie right now and one of my favorites is Legally Blonde, I thought we should do a flashback to meeting the amazing Reese Witherspoon! I heart her!

This was an amazing day for sure!

Check out the full recap below!

Big Little Lies is one of the best shows on television. If you haven’t seen it. Stop. Go watch it. There are three of the best performances of the year in the series.

I was lucky enough to be able to attend a rare FYC q and a with some members of the distinguished cast.

Reese Witherspoon, Nicole Kidman, Alexander Skarsgård, and Jean-Marc Vallée – Executive Producer/Director.

The panel was exceptional.

When it came to optioning the rights to the show, Reese Witherspoon and Nicole Kidman talked about the fact that every novel that Liane Moriarty wrote was optioned but never made.

To get the rights Nicole Kidman basically guaranteed she would get the series done. Reese Witherspoon agreed saying Nicole “closed the deal and got the option.”

The series is nominated for 16 Emmys including the three actors who were onstage as well as Laura Dern and Shailene Woodley. It’s a stunning piece of work, which everyone seemed to realize. When asked about a season 2, Reese Witherspoon was hesitant saying that she thinks it stands on its own and might not need a follow up.

Even in a female centric production, it’s rare to see women with so much power. “I’m normally the only woman on a set and on this production I’m looking across at four other women.” Said Reese Witherspoon.

Nicole Kidman added that there are people in the room right now who are struggling with the same issues that these ladies did. It’s universal and not black and white.

Skarsgard and Kidman talked about the sex scenes that were required for the role and Kidman said it was finding the truth in each scene. The same was true for the therapy scenes that Skarsgard said were shot using rehearsal footage. Joking that the pauses were him trying to remember his lines.

It was an amazing panel and afterwards, there was more than a crush at the stage. Reese said she would do photos on the side and she signed and did a lot of photos. It was very hard to get in, but Reese signed my Legally Blonde poster and I told her that this film is the movie I watch when I’m down and it makes me immediately happy. She said, “OMG! I love that!”

And she signed my poster so beautifully!

Reese Witherspoon signed autograph poster PSA rare

Then I, thanks to Billy waiting was able to get a photo after working my way in. It was a pretty insane crush I’ll tell you that, but my picture is epic.

Reese witherspoon meeting fans signing autographs

Nicole Kidman was leaving and I grabbed a couple of my magazines out. She was super nice as she usually is at q and a’s and signed my Vogue and Entertainment Weekly magazine. Adorbs.

Alexander signed my Bullett magazine which is pretty rare and my True Blood Entertainment Weekly as well. I was pretty stoked I have to tell you.

After there was a reception and I was able to hang out with Lisa, Mike, Derrick, Billy, Michael, Robert and we had a blast!

Until next time kids…

Reese Witherspoon signed autograph legally blonde poster psa rare Nicole Kidman signed autograph vogue magazine cover psa rare Nicole Kidman signed autograph entertainment Weekly magazine cover psa rare Alexander Skarsgard signed autograph entertainment Weekly magazine cover psa rare Alexander Skarsgard signed autograph Bullett magazine cover psa rare

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