Fanboy Fail Fridays! Ace Gets YELLED AT By Bill Cosby! Cliff Huxtable What Happened!?! A MUST READ! DOH!

Oh this is sad… I hate sad Fanboy Fails… I really do!

Poor Ace… He is a huge fan of The Cosby Show and his little fanboy heart just got broken. Like smashed. Like crushed. Like pulverized.

Bill Cosby… Literally tongue lashed Ace for asking him to sign a DVD. Now, if you’ve ever met Ace, he’s so laid back and likes a wide variety of people, from all kinds of different era’s in entertainment.

I don’t think there’s a reason to ever lash out at someone or yell at them for politely asking for an autograph. Come on now. It does come with the territory!

Check out Ace’s fail after the jump!

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What’s up autograph fanatics! Ace here with a Fanboy Fail for Bill Cosby!
I am pretty sad to say this… Dr. Huxtable is not cool at all… If you had the choice between going to see a show with Bill Cosby, or staying home… I would just stay home…
Many Americans know watching his show as a huge pastime… I don’t know anyone who hasn’t seen the Cosby Show… After this fail, personally, I will make sure to flip the channel so I won’t partake in his residual check…
Bill Cosby is a douche gif rare the cosby Show

I wouldn’t give Mr. Cosby a cent after meeting him guys… He isn’t nice… Just no other way to say it… I know we will have some people come out of the woodwork to defend Mr. Cosby…
Of course, there isn’t a single celebrity that “must sign” autographs… They don’t “owe” us anything as many people put it… But, as human beings, I believe we all deserve respect… If you oppose that, well, I don’t know what to say…
He definitely isn’t the Chocolate Jell-O Pudding Pop Father figure that he is cracked up to be…
bill cosby jello pudding pop gif rare the cosby show

We arrived approximately 5 hours before the show started. He always arrives early therefore, we expected him to arrive within an hour…
Mr. C, DVD Dave, my brother, and myself waited patiently… John showed up later… Within a matter of a half hour, Mr. Cosby’s car pulled up…
There was an entire film crew filming us and Mr. Cosby getting out of the car…
He was a matter of 5 feet from us… It was like Olympia Dukakis all over again without a barricade…
Bill Cosby rude to fans before taping his one man show in california

We basically hold up our items, he looks at us, ignores us as two producers say simultaneously, “Sorry, not today guys.”
Very calmly, another fan there stated “Bill, please I came over 100 miles to see you.” Before he had time to walk through the entrance, quick as a whip, turned around and angrily said, “What?”
He goes on to lecture us… “Now, we already told you that there would be no signing today… We told you repeatedly before that there would be no signing today. I DON’T CARE IF YOU CAME 100 MILES… YOU COME 100 MILES NEXT TIME AND MAYBE I WILL SIGN THEN… WE HAVE A PRODUCTION… CAN’T YOU SEE!” 
BLIPITY BOP PUDDING POP! (Well… he didn’t really say this part… but the rant just went to warbles due to the shock)
He proceeds to ramble on and tell us off… I should have taken the tickets out of my pocket and ripped them up… There are people coming from around the country for his show… That’s how he reacts? What a way to flip off his fans…
Bill Cosby rude to fans before taping his one man show in california

I really… really…. wish that he would have just kept on walking… Mind you… They caught this all on camera… TMZ quality if I may add.
Wouldn’t it have looked better if he signed? Just saying Mr. Cosby… We asked for our money back on the tickets… Not worth staying if the ensemble you put on stage is just an act… It is merely a mask…
The production felt so bad that he did that, they asked us if we wanted to get on camera to make up for it…
Can you believe that? What were we going to say? Mr. Cosby just told us off… Here are our unsigned items… Look at them! Another scenario would be a rant on why I am tearing up my tickets to see his show… or The 101 reasons why you wouldn’t want to attend his show…
What a joke…
Some would say I am being way too harsh… Yeah, ok… Mr. Cosby…You are jet lagged. You are tired… You flew from across the country… Poor you! Poor…poor you! We disturbed your documentary… Sorry for even letting the thought cross my mind that I should attend your one man show… You think that someone who comes a hundred miles to see you, isn’t worth your time… Pretty classy Dr. Huxtable…
Well, I hope you enjoyed this recap guys…
Now, remember, there is always a graphing opportunity out there… You just have to find it.
Until Next time,
Ace, the Autograph Addict

Oh yeah, Billy Boy… I’m giving you an Angry Theo!

theo the cute most adorable French bulldog in the world angry theo award rare promo brown french bulldog

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