Billy Beer Says LOVE is a four letter word according to Jason Mraz and he spells it AMAZING! Meeting Jennifer Love Hewitt and Jason Mraz!

Billy Beer celebrated his birthday during the Avengers premiere, and I’m going to go out on a limb and say he doesn’t remember much from that day! LOL… However after recovering Billy headed out to meet vixen Jennifer Love Hewitt and Jason Mraz!

I have to say, I actually like Ghost Whisperer… I know… Don’t judge… My friend Scott coined this phrase and it applies to the departed ABC series, “It was better than it had to be.” Lol…

Check out Billy’s recap after the jump! And everyone… Happy birthday to you… Happy Birthday to you! Happy birthday dear Billy! May your fanboy dreams come true!


My Avengers birthday buzz has finally worn off, and what better way to end the birthday week than a visit from Jennifer Love Hewitt and Jason Mraz on the same night!

CB might not be able to remember Party of 5, but this guy fell in love with Sarah Reeves a long time ago. Many Maxim, Stuff, FHM, and Rolling Stone covers later, and I still have a place in my heart for the poor girl who accidentally dated Jamie Kennedy. As for Jason Mraz, who can’t listen to “I’m Yours” without cracking a little joyful smile? Love that song.

I arrived in Hollywood around 1:30 thinking I might actually be the first one there…..WRONG! 4th! Oh well, this still pretty much means front row. I did actually beat C.B. there, which I think is a first. After waiting for about an hour, all of a sudden they were setting up barricades?????? At 2:30????? Crap! Selena Gomez is premiering a video right next door. This could put a damper on things. A few more people show up and it’s starting to get busy.

Then security decides to move us to the other side of the building for a little bit so we wouldn’t get the Selena fans excited when we saw her. Are you serious???

Now we’re in a big single file line on the other side waiting for Selena to arrive, when a long frizzy haired guy walks right past us. “JASON!” Are you kidding me! Yup, we didn’t even see him. He says something about on his way back, and then he was gone.

jason mraz arriving to a taping of the jimmy kimmel show before playing an outdoor concert in the parking lot

Selena Finally arrives in her 2 SUVs, which totally blocked any view of her. Good, now that that’s done, back to the other side and my front row spot. We waited around a little longer, people passed by to get into the show. “JASON!” Crap! He walked right past us again! As John Turturro would say in Mr. Deeds “Very Very Sneaky”.

OH NO! Now the Selena thing is done. The crowd just went from OK to filled with a bunch of kids thinking Selena was going to come out and be their best friends. Finally around 6:00 the door opens, and there she is Ms. Jennifer Love Hewitt. She turns around and flashes us that famous girl next door smile and waves (sorry, that’s the only thing she flashed us) and after a bunch of her standing by the door and us yelling to her, she finally left our view.

Time for the waiting game. Well here comes those SUVs again, time for Selena to leave, and away they go. After about 15 minutes C.B. notices her security was right behind us, and says no way they’re going to bring her out the side door where we were all standing. Not 15 seconds later “SELENA!!!!!!”

Nice call C.B. She’s rushed to her car, and now FINALLY all those kids leave. Security is coming to the door…..this is finally happening…..JENNIFER!!! Yup, without hesitation she’s on her way over. Which Rolling Stone picture should I have her sign first, I hope she signs the sexy ones, is my camera ready? All these things were going through my head. She’s got her pen and away she signs.

jennifer love hewitt signing autographs for fans outside a taping of the jimmy kimmel show in hollywood hot sexy client list star rare chest

This girl is a machine! I’ve seen Eva Longoria bust through a line in 30 seconds, but she only signs one each. Jennifer is going at it! She was signing everything you put in front of her. If you stuck your arm out too far, she probably would have signed it too. She started at one end of the barricade and went all the way down to the end of the fence! WOW! Smiling the whole way! After I got both my pictures signed, I just stood there in amazement.

jennifer love hewitt signing autographs for fans outside a taping of the jimmy kimmel show in hollywood hot sexy client list star rare chest

Thank You Jennifer! No photo ops but you were still Amazing!

Now we wait for Jason. This isn’t hard, because we get to listen to him sing while waiting. He finishes with “I’m Yours” 🙂 and then we wait. People started lining up on the other side, and he walks right past them (Nice try). “JASON!!!!” Seriously! He slipped past us again! He’ll come over……..nothing……..ring ring! Why is C.B. calling me!!??? Hello? “he’s at the fence signing”. Guess my knee is feeling better, because I ran for the first time in a while. Got there just in time to hand my photo off to C.B. and have him sign it through the fence. Success!

jason mraz signing autographs on his way out of an outdoor concert rare promo hot sexy singer fan friendly nice your love

Selena, you tried to ruin the last day of my Birthday Week, but like your kiss at the Laker game with the Biebs, FAIL! Next time!

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