Billy Beer Sings The Praises Of Rosario Dawson! Falls In Love! Fights With Security! And Gets Dissed By Max Greenfield! Doh! Autographs! Photos! And Awesomeness!

I love hearing stories like this. There are so many awesome people and so many amazing experiences in this hobby! And then… Then there are the people who go above and beyond.

One of those people is Rosario Dawson. Billy Beer just met the Clerks II star and she was amazing! Like, pull the car over, get out and just chilling with fans amazing. Damn…

Billy Beer has the full report from meeting Rosario Dawson after the jump!



Welcome back to Billy Beer’s Bar Stool. Get ready Top Ten Signers 
List, you might have someone trying to get some votes without having a 
Q & A to do it! And someone might be slipping off that list. Today we 
are off to see the lovely Rosario Dawson and Max Greenfield. Both of 
these people have been nothing but nice to me in the past. So we’re 
looking for a some good results today.

Not too many people here today, just me, a couple of dealers, and a 
fan who has tattoos of celebrity’s autographs. She already has 
Rosario, but I guess her and Rosario are tight, so this should help us 
in her coming over to sign.

(Editor’s Note: I heart Melissa! M-)

One of the dealers is playing the role of 
fan today. I’ve got two 2 things for Rosario and 2 for Max. As opposed 
to 13 stills from the movie Death Proof! I’m a big Q.T. Fan, but I 
can’t compete. I mention all this cause it helps set up a funny moment 

Max is first to arrive, but he drives on by. We really didn’t try hard 
to stop him. I didn’t realize I was the only one with a picture for 
Max. Then we wait a while. It’s getting to that point where it’s late 
and we’re going to have to wait for exits. And that is exactly what 
happened. Rosario drove right on past.


We see the limos starting to leave. We’re about ready to get in the 
normal positions when all of a sudden security gets an attitude and 
tells us we have to stay on the sidewalk. WOW! Someone put their big 
boy pants on today. Max is the first to leave. Knowing I’m the only 
one with a picture, I go up to the car hoping he would quickly roll 
down and sign my pictures. Nope! I could have been a little more 
aggressive, but the way the security guards were acting, I didn’t want 
to push it. I will say that was the first time Max didn’t sign. 🙁

Now the crowd is sticking around. Ugh! More people to deal with. 
Rosario finally comes out. We don’t even have to wait for her to roll 
down, instead she parks the car and gets out.

Rosario Dawson Signing Autographs for fans hot sexy rare promo signature clerks II star rare sexy photo shoot promo

She makes her way over and answers a few questions from the news crews that were there. When 
they leave, she makes her way over to us. Now here’s the funny part. 
There was 3 of us waiting with things for her to sign. She goes 
straight to the screen cap pictures, and then goes to the right, then 
back to the screen caps, then back to her right. This happened at 
least 8-9 times, and then she was ready to put down the pen. Um……. 
“I haven’t even gotten one!” She’s cool about it, signs my first 
picture, then basically rips my other picture out of my hand to sign. 
The whole time interacting with the fans.

Rosario Dawson Signing Autographs for fans hot sexy rare promo signature clerks II star rare sexy photo shoot promo

Now here’s the funny part. Security were being pricks the whole time. 
Telling us that she had to go and we had to leave. We’re sitting there 
like “What are you talking about? She’s fine with what she’s doing.” 
Then here’s the kicker, they’re pulling her away from us so one of 
their off duty employees can get an autograph and then did it again so 
he could get a picture with her. But then telling us she had to go. 
They even made her car pull up to force the situation. So what does 
the driver do? Pulls around the corner and parks. HELL YEAH LIMO 
DRIVER!!! NWA couldn’t have put it any better. They even tried to say  that the limo could get a parking ticket. LMAO!

Anyway, the whole time Rosario is interacting with her fans. Anyone 
that wanted a picture got one. When I got my picture, I told her last 
time I tried to take a picture with her my camera didn’t work and she 
gave me a kiss on the cheek. After the camera clicked she said “Sorry, 
looks like your camera worked this time.” DOH! She even tells us to 
tell Kevin Smith to put her in Clerks 3. So since I’m sure he reads my 
articles, you heard it here first! So Bravo to Rosario! Still down to 
earth and super cool. Well, I’m off. It’s Happy Hour somewhere!

Rosario Dawson fan photo signing autographs for fans rare promo Rosario Dawson Signing Autographs for fans hot sexy rare promo signature clerks II star rare sexy photo shoot promo

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